It feels like such a long time since I sat down at my laptop and wrote a blog post. I have had such a busy few weeks, I just haven't had the chance or really wanted to spend my time typing... I've been enjoying two weeks of the school Easter holidays with Elodie and even a bit of Summer-esque weather!
We headed to Newcastle on the first Sunday of the holidays to the Quayside Seaside and the Sunday food market, which is one of my favourite things to do with a sunny weekend morning. It was the first time taking Elodie to the market, and she loved it... Especially trying lots of the little tasters of brownies and cheeses that some of the stalls were offering. 
We discovered the delicious chips sold by Saucy Fries who cuts and double fries the chips infront of you, before flavouring with any of the huge array of salts and sauces on offer - they'e truly delicious and such a bargain (I think we only paid £1.80 for a huge cone of chips).
I also bought a beautiful freshly pressed orange juice from Ugly Duckling who use fruits and vegetables which would have gone to waste for their juices - and believe me, they're so tasty and refreshing. 
We also treated Elodie to her first even visit to The Great British Cupcakery - one of my favourite places to stop for a sweet treat in the North East. I really want to get myself booked into here for Afternoon Tea soon, as they look amazing, but I do have to say my chocolate scone with jam and cream was the best I've ever eaten - so naughty, but so worth it!

On days when the weather wasn't so great, we enjoyed a few trips to the cinema, where we watched Monster Trucks, The Boss Baby and Smurfs: The Lost Village. All of which, I loved! There seems to be so many amazing children's films around lately... Sometimes I enjoy them even more than Elodie does! 
One of my favourite mornings of the holiday was when we were invited to Jump 360, our local trampoline park in Stockton. We booked in for an early Saturday morning session and luckily it wasn't too busy... With Elodie being 7, she has to take part in the adult or family sessions, so for us, the quieter the better so as to avoid the crazy teenagers.
We wore comfy, casual clothes (I wore my gym leggings and sports bra), put our belongings in a locker and donned our Jump 360 socks, then after watching a short safety video, we were ready to jump!
An hour in this place goes so quickly, with different sized trampolines, air bags, basketball nets, sponge pits and tightropes to name a few things to do... It was so much fun, for Elodie and for us.
I have to say, I realised after this, just how unfit I am. Trampolining is an amazing workout, and much more enjoyable than the gym!
The staff are all really great at keeping everyone safe and making sure no safety rules are broken - it's a brilliant way to get some exercise with friends or family.
Myself and Elodie went along to one of the Pets At Home Kid's Holiday Pet Clubs which we booked online the day before. I didn't really know exactly what it was, but Elodie loves animals so much and the fact that it was free to do made me go for it.
When we arrived, we were greeted and informed that we were the only ones taking part that day, which worked out perfectly for Elodie as she got all of the animals to herself! She was able to hold and pet two rabbits and a guinea pig before going into their enclosures to feed them all. After speaking to the staff member who was helping us, we were also able to stroke some reptiles... it was really great! 
Something I booked for Elodie as a surprise weeks ago (and almost forgot about) were tickets to a local Pantomime version of Snow White. Pantomimes are my guilty pleasure... I love the corny jokes, the cream pies, the booing and hissing, it's all such fun, and this pantomime didn't disappoint at all.
Elodie wore her Snow White dress and got really involved in the show. She even got to meet the cast afters the show, which she loved... I think she was a bit star struck! It was so cute!
Me and my friend took Elodie and her little boy to a local museum which has a huge park, cafe, woodland path and craft area... A place we visit all of the time, but that's always a great day out. Elodie is really interested in art of any form, so getting to paint her own money box was her favourite part of the day (and mine as it kept her quiet for so long!)
Our last treat of the holidays was visiting my Aunty in Scarborough for a couple of days. I've talked about how much I love Scarborough before on here, as it's where I used to holiday every Summer with my Mam when I was little... It's the cutest North Yorkshire seaside town, with so many fun things to do when the weather is nice.
We spent two days there, with the sun shining so brightly on the first day, it was glorious! We ate ice cream, walked along the seafront, rode the dragon boats on the lake in the park and went on the water splash ride, which really took me back to my childhood!
The second day was a little cooler, but we still braved the open top bus and the beach, where Elodie enjoyed a donkey ride before warming up in the arcades playing on the 2p slot machines. 
If you're ever looking for somewhere to spend a few days in the UK in Spring/Summer... I can't recommend it enough. We'll definitely be back in the Summer holidays.
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