Remember the days when everyone thought Bioderma was just that micellar water that you couldn't get your hands on unless you or a very kind friend were taking a trip to France? It was so sought after, but booking a few days in Paris just to get hold of makeup remover did seem a little excessive!

Fast forward a year or two, and not only is Bioderma readily available in Boots stores and online for everyone in the UK, but there's a whole skincare range to be had.

My skin can be very temperamental, and although I class my skin type as dry, it can also be really sensitive and I suffer from an oily T-zone at certain times of the month.
Trying new skincare is a bit of a hobby of mine, mainly because my skin seems to get very complacent when I stick to using the same things for a long length of time. With the exception of just a few times, it usually reacts well to new products.

I've added three Bioderma products to my skincare routine over the past three weeks, and thought it was time to share my views and first impressions.

Firstly, I have been really enjoying using the Hydrablo Gel Crème a light moisturiser for normal/combination/sensitive skin types. Although this isn't the heaviest or most hydrating of moisturisers, it's very delicate, and leaves quite a silky finish to the skin which doubles up as a great priming base for makeup.
As I do suffer from a lot of dryness, this alone wouldn't be quite enough for my skin, but as a daytime moisturiser it works really well for me. For anyone with normal/oily skin this would be perfect.
I've been using a heavier option in my nighttime skincare routine and applying this after cleansing each morning. It's really comfortable to wear as only a tiny amount is needed, it feels as though my skin can breathe when applied and makeup sits really well on top.

For targeting spots and blemishes, I've been trying the Sebium Global which is an intensive and purifying treatment for acne prone skin. I haven't been using this every night, just as and when my skin has needed it, and I am so impressed.
I get a lot of under the skin spots on my chin, and the odd angry spot here and there, and although this doesn't clear the skin completely (does anything?!) this does have a positive effect on my skin in a really short amount of time.
My skin is left feeling so soft after each use and thankfully, unlike most spot targeting treatments, this doesn't dry my already dry skin out at all.
I notice that the majority of under the skin spots don't make it to the surface, and if they do, they stay clam and manageable and for those horrible spots which appear out of nowhere, redness is calmed down and within a few days they begin to shrink.
If you suffer from acne or awkward breakouts, I'd definitely recommend giving this a try.

Last but not least, I have finally given the famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O makeup removing solution a try... A bit (very) late to the party I know, but the market is so flooded with micellar waters these days, I've always found myself reaching for cheaper options which tend to work fine for me.
I am glad I have been given the chance to try this though.
Granted, this isn't a world away from any other cleansing waters I have used, but I do see why people like it so much...
It's such a quick and easy way to remove makeup, and I've noticed this will take off any waterproof products, even tough mascaras and eyeliners with very little effort needed at all. I also feel as though this cleans my skin as much if not more-so than any other micellar waters I've used, it's quite hard to describe but it has an almost squeaky clean feel to it after use. Most importantly for me, my skin feels incredibly comfortable and soft afterwards, where some tend to leave a tightening feeling - a real bonus in my opinion.

Have you tried any of the Bioderma skincare range? I'd love to know if there's anything else you'd recommend to me!

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