I've really been slacking when it comes to writing these posts, so I thought I better hurry up and share some of my favourite 'new in' products before the pile got any bigger.
I've been trailing some new brands and new products and like to use these posts as a way to find out what you'd like to see fully reviewed on here next and to give mini first impressions on each product... I promise this isn't to make you find even more things to spend your money on!
Something which is always welcome through my letter box is dry shampoo, so when I received the new Batiste 2 In 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioners, I couldn't wait to give them a try.
I'm such a lover of dry shampoo, I use it as much for styling my hair and adding texture as I do for keeping it fresh, I just think it's wonderful.
These new 2 In 1's really don't disappoint either, however I do use mine differently to my regular Batiste... I have quite greasy roots, so due to this being a conditioner too, I steer clear of my scalp with this, instead I use this to refresh from the mid length of my hair down. 
Using it this way adds shine and a bit of texture and leaves my hair feeling and smelling really fresh.
I was really intrigued to receive a parcel of products from Formula 10.0.6 Skincare, a brand I had never heard of before, but the packaging and branding really drew me in.
Firstly, everything here smells beautiful, especially the Skin Clarifying Mud Mask which smells like strawberry milkshake, and everything really agrees with my skin. The products are targeted towards younger, problematic skin, which isn't what I would usually reach for, however they have been just lovely for me so far.
Obviously skin care takes a good few weeks/months of use to develop an educated opinion of, but so far, so good.
I had been looking for a new fake tan to try, something which wasn't overly fake and dark, and Sunkissed came to my rescue with their Moisturiser Spray Tan and Luxe Glow Dry Oil Tanning Mist.
The Moisturiser spray is light/medium shade, which is perfect for me for a natural looking daytime tan and the Dry Oil Mist gives a slightly bronzer glow to the skin, which I love also (plus this one is amazing on my dry skin).
Both tans amazingly don't leave me feeling sticky or smelling of biscuits (it's not the best smelling tan ever, but it's not that vile biscuit smell we all try to avoid), they dry really quickly and they're really affordable... I'm so happy to have found a quick and easy tanning brand that I can use day to day without feeling like I belong on TOWIE!
Another new release is the Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes which come in 5 bright Summery shades and a top coat. The colours are all gorgeous, I especially love the pale blue shade and with the top coat on top, they last for days without chipping at all. I've also found that I only need one coat with most of the shades - such a bonus for someone like me who finds painting my nails a real chore!
At one of my recent meetings I was given the Schwarzkopf Color Expert With Omegaplex Conditioner & Colour Sealer Treatment to try, which are working amazingly well for me at the moment following my Olaplex Treatment
Both of these smell beautiful, with that salon smell that I just can't get enough of, and my hair is left so silky and soft after use, but not weighed down, so it's still really easy to style. Although they are made for people with coloured hair, they will work equally well on none coloured hair too.
Last up, I had to give a mention to these No7 Lipsticks... a brand I always enjoy when I use their products, but I feel like I easily forget about when it comes to trying new things. 
They are from the Match Made Moisture Drench lipstick collection, which have an incredibly buttery texture to them. They are so comfortable to wear and last for hours on the lips, the colours are really pigmented and flattering too.
It's nice to have a lipstick where the colour payoff is good and there's still some shine to the forumla... They're just beautiful for Summer. 

Have you tried any new products lately?
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