Blog props can make or break a photo and if I speak for myself, I have quite the collection of bits and bobs to use purely for my pictures.
I love my images to reflect the theme of whatever I am talking about and I love them to vary from post to post, partly because it keeps things exciting and different for my readers and partly because I enjoy setting up different looks for each post. 
Obviously when shopping for blog props, you don't want to spend too much as a lot of the time, the items are just kept in a box under my desk until they're needed and over the years I've found some shops which always come up trumps when it comes to blog props.

One of my favourite places to pick up new things is Tiger... I've bought a few wire baskets from there, which I use quite often, I also got my little copper candle tray which I love to use from there for only £1.50 and you can usually guarantee some printed notebooks, napkins and other little bits and bobs to add colour and texture to your pictures, always at really affordable prices.

Another shop that I can always stock up in is Home Bargains - If you live near one of their huge stores, you're onto a winner!
They always have super pretty notebooks, photo frames, packs of coloured paper, plates, candles and trinket trays. I even got the cute pink and white paper straws from there, which always manage to look lovely in the foreground of my product shots.
Sometimes you don't even need to buy new things to incorporate into your photography... Just have a look around your home and I'm sure you will have ample props.
I always like to use makeup in my set ups... lipsticks, palettes and pretty blushers always look good and add a splash of colour to the picture. I also love to use makeup brushes, bottles of perfume, dainty pieces of jewellery, watches and most recently my new phone case from Caseable.
I also have a huge marble covered board which I made from a blank canvas and a sheet of sticky back marble print plastic which I bought from B&Q - Cliche blogger I know, but no one can deny that it looks great in photos now and again!

Having spare sheets of wrapping paper or old magazines can work really well too... I usually pick up a few wrapping paper options from Paperchase every month or so to mix things up and whenever magazines are on offer for £1 I think it's the perfect opportunity to invest, as every page is a new background to be used.
Books also work just as well... It's surprising how good a simple page of text can look.

Other things which can really easily add to a photo are fake flowers or plants, which are available to buy in so many different places these days. Hobbycraft have a huge selection, Ikea and garden centres are a good option and shops like Laura Ashley and Next are always worth a look for pretty flowers in vases and pots which can be used.
Whenever I have a trip to Ikea, I always come home with lots of things purely bought for blog photo reasons. I love their candle trays, plates, glasses, bottles... I could go on. I even bought a small fur rug from there which has been amazing for using in flatlays - I think anything which adds texture will always look good in photos.

Lastly, one of the best places to find props are in Primark's home department. You always know prices are going to be really affordable and I've managed to get myself strings of fairylights, lots of candles, wire baskets, little ornaments, cushions and so much more - All of which I find myself using again and again.

I think shopping around is the best way to find new props, but when you know the shops to go into, it definitely helps.
What are your go to blog props?
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