Olive and Bean is a place that I've heard lots of my Northern friends and bloggers talking about. A cute, deli style café in the centre of Newcastle which serves food, drinks and the most delicious looking homemade cakes. Needless to say, I have been wanting to visit for a while, and I knew that when I spent a few days in the Toon last month that I'd have to find the time to visit on at least one occasion. 
We made our way there for a late breakfast and found ourselves a seat upstairs where it was lovely and quiet (downstairs was packed!)
Both areas are really cute, and very Insta-worthy... What more could a blogger ask for?!

We ordered our drinks and food, which arrived really quickly.
For drinks Robbie got a cafetiere of coffee which came with the cutest little glass bottle of milk and I went with the Super Fruit Iced Tea with berries and honey. Mine looked and sounded amazing, and as it was such a hot day, I couldn't wait to drink it. Unfortunately this is where the disappointments began... It wasn't cold and it literally tasted of nothing - Robbie even suggested I pour some sugar into it to see if it helped! 
Nevertheless, we held on for the food, which arrived soon after. I was really hungry, so ordered the biggest breakfast on the menu; 'The Business'; Poached eggs, bacon, Lincolnshire sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and granary toast.
As you can see from the photo, the plate was pretty full, so I can't knock the generosity of the portion size, however I just didn't like it and ended up leaving most of it. The bacon was the biggest let down... It didn't taste freshly cooked, more like the pre-cooked bacon you get in a salad that had been warmed up. Everything else just tasted rather bland and I really can't forgive them for not including baked beans.
Robbie had the poached eggs on sourdough toast with added bacon and his thoughts mimicked mine, although he did eat most of his as he was so hungry. 

Sorry to write such a negative review... I really don't like doing this, but I am always honest.
Although the breakfast wasn't good, I would potentially still return to try their cakes, which did look really delicious.
Maybe my visit was a one off and it's usually better. Let me know if you've been before and what you think.
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