Taking care of my teeth is one of the most important parts of day to day life for me... Nothing makes me feel more confident than having a bright smile.
We talk about skincare, trying different products, different brands and different tools al of the time, but how often do we really talk about oral hygiene? It's so easy to get in a bit of a rut with this... Buying the cheapest toothbrushes every few months in the supermarket, and usually opting for whichever toothpaste is on offer at the time - I'm sure I'm not alone here.
I'm not going to lie, my teeth depress me when I really think about them. I'm lucky, I was blessed with almost perfectly straight teeth, however my teeth have never been pearly white. I've read it can be genetic (don't get me wrong, they're not bad, they're just not perfectly white) and no matter what I do I can never get them to really sparkle.
If I could afford to, I would love to have them cosmetically treated and whitened - That's the dream, but my fear of dentists stands in my way here slightly!

To make the best of what I've got, I've recently tried switching things up a bit with my teeth care routine. Firstly I've been trying the Foreo Issa Hybrid toothbrush. This may be the most unique looking toothbrush you have ever seen, but believe me, there is method in the madness!

The brush head is designed so that the silicone bristles which are incredibly soft and gentle, can work on the gums, while the PBT polymer bristles on the inner area of the brush work on the teeth. The two types of bristles together give an almost massage like clean on the gums and teeth and with the shape of the head being curved, they reach every area of the mouth with ease.
Brushing with this is easy, but initially it's quite a strange sensation.  Like I have, you soon get used to it and I now find it quite relaxing and enjoyable to use. Another bonus is that as the brush is half made up of silicone and natural properties, these toothbrushes hold a significantly less amount of bacteria than a regular toothbrush.

The brush has sonic pulse technology which gives 11,000 high intensity pulses per minute to give a really deep clean and has eight different intensity settings so that you can find the one which is most comfortable for you. Possibly my favourite feature is that it has an integrated timer which tells you when to move to a different area of your mouth - Such a simple feature which really sets it apart from the majority of other brushes.

I highly recommend the brush... Since using my teeth feel so much cleaner and I may just be trying to convince myself, but I also feel as though they are brighter, which is what I've always wanted.
Yes, the brush is quite an expensive investment, but I really do think it's worth it. If you're a fan of the Foreo skincare products, you must try this next.
I've also changed my toothpaste to the Corsodyl Ultra Clean paste. Corsodyl is aimed towards people who suffer from bleeding gums, which can be a sign of gum disease. Fear not, this affects around 50% of adults, so it's not uncommon, but it still needs treating.
I don't have gum disease, but I do suffer from bleeding gums every now and again, caused by my wisdom teeth which seem to enjoy moving up and down in my gums - If you suffer from this too, you will feel my pain!

This toothpaste is clinically proven to be four times more effective than a regular toothpaste at reducing the build up of plaque-bacteria which is the main cause of bleeding gums. My gums still bleed slightly when my teeth are causing me problems, but day to day there have been no problems at all since I brought this into my daily routine.
I feel like I have to mention that it has a very strong taste, which is down to it's unique formulation... I'm not going to lie to you, it's not pleasant to begin with. However after brushing twice daily for the past few weeks, I have got used to the taste and the feeling of how fresh and clean my teeth and mouth are afterwards makes it all worth it.

Have you given either of these products a try?
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