Whenever a limited edition product is released, I have mixed feelings. Be it a makeup item, a beauty product or something else, I find myself initially excited and intrigued to try it, but then I have the dread that it's going to be something I love and something I won't always be able to get hold of (Mac Stereo Rose anyone?!)

When The Body Shop released their Pinita Colada body range last Summer, I knew I would love it. Pineapple and Coconut are two of my favourite scents and I'm partial to a Pina Colada or two as well... The range had my name written allover it, and I was right... It was love at first smell.
Of course I stocked up on plenty of the products, but the time soon came when the range was out of stock, never to come back again and it wasn't long before I ran out of everything.

If you've been pining for these products as much as I have, you'll be happy to know that The Body Shop have re-released the entire range again alongside a Virgin Mojito collection (loving the cocktail theme!) for this Summer season ahead.

Everything in the collection smells absolutely incredible, thanks to the pineapple and coconut extracts from the Caribbean in the ingredients; It's such a fresh, fruity scent which reminds me so much of tropical Summer holidays... If this came as a perfume it would be my Spring/Summer go-to without a doubt!
My favourite product in the range has to be the Exfoliating Body Scrub. The exfoliating particles are made from real shredded coconut, which are the perfect balance of rough - Just enough to buff away dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling super soft, without being too abrasive.

The cheapest product from the collection is the Shower Gel, which at only £5 is a real bargain. It's soap free, and lathers up beautifully in the shower, leaving the zesty scent lingering in the bathroom and on the skin for hours.

To keep the scent lingering even longer, I love the Fresh Body Sorbet, which is incredibly moisturising and cooling on the skin. I love to apply this after my shower as it sinks into the skin instantly and leaves me feeling really refreshed.
If you're more of a fan of the classic Body Shop Body Butters, you'll be pleased to know that you have that option too. It's a great, none greasy choice for people with dry skin who want something a little heavier, longer lasting and more intense.

Have you tried anything from the Pinita Colada range yet?

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