Every season trends come around that I love, and likewise, some that I hate, but lately there are so many that I have wanted to get on board with, I have found myself feeling like I need to fill my wardrobe with lots of new pieces. 
Keeping up with trends can often mean spending more than you want to or can afford to, but the high street this years seems to have really upped it's game when it comes to making the latest trends really accessible and affordable, so even those of us who are verging on skint can manage to embrace the trends somewhat.
One of the most worn trends lately has been gingham... I feel like this could have been so overdone so quickly, but the fact that there are so many variations available on colour and style with this, I think it works.
My favourite piece in my wardrobe right now is my Primark smock dress which marries this trend and the frills trend with it's cute sleeves, but I have my eye on so many more gingham bits - I'm really hoping this is a trend which will carry through into Autumn too.
The trend that I've invested in most this Spring/Summer has to be frills & ruffles, whether it's big sleeves, ruffled tops or frilly trousers - I just love it all. All of the pieces are great for styling with leather jackets, ripped jeans or other pieces to create a really contrasting look between girly and edgy.
Another favourite trend of mine is the amount of embroidery on the high street... Again this is an easy one to get on board with as there are oh so many options available. Whether you're after a casual top, a pair of jeans or a dress for a big night out, you can find an embroidered option easily. I think I'm tempted to add one of the embroidered denim jackets to my wardrobe next! 

The easiest and cheapest trend to top up your wardrobe is by grabbing yourself a few slogan tees... They're everywhere right now and come in every colour and style imaginable. 
Lastly, another trend I am fully into are the mules and loafers that seem to be everywhere right now. Inspired originally by Gucci, these shoes have gone to a whole other level with not only black, but every colour you can imagine available. Some are sticking to a classic style and others are going all out with bows, which I just love. I was lucky enough to get myself a pair of the much lusted after Primark blush mules, but if you missed out, I've found some alternatives that won't break the bank either.
What are your favourite trends at the moment? 
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