I'm such a casual dresser and my comfort zone when it comes to fashion is very much the same day to day. My wardrobe is filled with plenty of jeans, knitwear and easy to wear pieces which I find myself getting plenty of wear out of, but when it comes to dressing for an occasion, I find myself having to put a lot more thought into my outfits and how I style them. 

I was challenged by Boohoo to style an outfit from their occasion shop and wear it anywhere, in a place where I wouldn't usually dress up, somewhere completely out of the box and random - After all, if you can wear an outfit somewhere strange, you can wear it anywhere!
Shopping for an event usually really stresses me out, especially if it's something where I need to dress for day to night like a wedding or the races. I find it difficult to know how dressy to go... There's that dread of being over dressed or under dressed, but through this challenge, I've kind of proved to myself that if you feel good (and hopefully look good) in an outfit, then you can where it anywhere you want to - who cares what other people think?!

I selected my outfit before deciding where to wear it... I was instantly drawn to the jumpsuit, which I always think of as really versatile pieces. I love the style of this with the culotte legs and wrap front (although it's a bit booby!), and the tie waist which can be tied front or back makes it really flattering.
I chose to go a little against the usual fashion rule of not mixing brown tones with black, and I'm really happy with how the colour palette looks - I think the black accessories make the brown look a little more purple toned, which makes the outfit a bit more Summery.

As the jumpsuit is low cut, instead of adding jewellery, I wore a harness body underneath (which is so beautiful, it's a shame to have hidden it so much!), but the detail on the harness fills the blank space from the low v neck of the jumpsuit and made me feel a little less exposed.

Finally, and possibly my favourite part of the outfit are the shoes - just look at them!! I love the wrap around ankle buckle and the faux fur makes them really stand out - They're so cute.
I also love the fact that the heel is a chunky block heel, they're really comfy and easy to walk in... So much so that I'm eyeing up the pink pair too!
When it came to finding a location to wear this, I was a bit worried at first, hoping not too many people would see me as imagined that I would feel a little out of place. Give me it to wear for a night out with the girls and I wouldn't think twice, but daytime in public felt a little daunting!
The brief being to wear the outfit somewhere I wouldn't usually had my mind filled with ideas and between wanting to pick a place that would look good in photos and somewhere I genuinely wouldn't wear it, I ended up going to the local gardens which lead to the beach - a place I find myself most weeks with Elodie. She loves the beach and the walk through the gardens from where we park our car usually means she can stop and say hello to lots of dogs on the way there and back.
To say I wouldn't usually wear something dressy here is an understatement... I'm usually walking the same path in ripped jeans, trainers and with my hair on top of my head.
With it being such a warm, sunny day it was busy... There were people everywhere and I initially felt very out of place, but after just a few minutes I found myself feeling more comfortable.
There were no weird looks or judgemental comments, people walking their dogs complemented my shoes and outfit and an old couple even stopped for a chat about my camera! 

I guess it goes to show that by stepping out of your comfort zone now and again, pushing yourself to do something that you usually wouldn't and just wearing what you want where you want really can be a good thing.
Next time I wear this outfit, I think I'll be wearing it out out instead though!
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