I love to learn more about bloggers and I'm all for a bit of positivity now and again, so when I saw this kind of post on Victoria's blog, I thought I'd write my own list of things I love...
1. Blogging - I felt like I had to begin with this one, as eight years on I am still loving writing my blog just as much as the day I first started. My blog has become such a huge part of my life, and now my career... I feel so lucky to be able to call something I love and something I take such pride in, my job.

2. Football - You may already know this, or it may come as a complete surprise to you that I'm a huge football fan (Newcastle United to be precise). I have been going to matches since I was about three years old. 

3. Baking - I love to bake new recipes, I find it really relaxing and it's a great way to spend time with Elodie. I also love to eat anything sweet so it's a win/win situation.

4. Fresh bedding - I don't think there is much that can beat the feeling of getting into a bed with fresh sheets.

5. Chocolate - I've always loved chocolate, I literally can't go a day without it.

6. Olly Murs - My dream man, say no more.

7. Finding a bargain - There's just an amazing sense of satisfaction when you find the last one in your size hiding at the end of the sale rail, or that book you've been searching for in the charity shop for 50p.

8. Animals - I've always loved animals, as a young child we had a dog and goldfish, then I got into horses and it spiralled from there. At one point we were living on a farm with 5 horses, 30 geese, 30 chickens, 8 ducks, 3 rabbits, 2 cats and a dog!

9. Taking my makeup off - This feeling is on par with the fresh bedding, so satisfying after a long day.

10. Friends, the TV show - I'm one of those people who quotes Friends on a daily basis... If you don't get it, we can;t be friends! I also still have a major crush on Chandler Bing. 

11. Time away from social media - This one may surprise you as I am a bit of an Insta/Twitter addict, however I love that feeling of knowing my content is scheduled and that I can just switch it all off for a weekend. 

12. Nights in - I'm definitely not the going out type. Give me a film, some snacks and a snuggle on the sofa any time.

13. Having a full fridge - I always feel so satisfied when we've been and done the huge food shop and have a fridge full of food. Being spoilt for choice for what to have for tea that night or what to snack on is such a good feeling!

14. Taking photos - I always carry my camera with me and hate to miss out on a photo opportunity. I am that annoying person who stops to snap pictures all day long.

15. Reality TV - I'm such a sucker for rubbish reality TV shows. I've always loved Big Brother and have watched every series except the first. I'm also obsessed with Love Island at the moment.

16. Sunday roasts - Seriously I could eat a roast dinner every single day and not get sick of them! My favourite is pork (with crackling), roast potatoes, sweet corn, honey roast parsnips, mashed potato, Yorkshire puddings and lots of gravy.

17. Good hair days - I feel like these a rare, but on a day when my hair does what I want it to I just feel a million times better about myself!

18. Cooking - I've only just started to enjoy cooking, but finding a new recipe on Pinterest and giving it a try for the first time is now one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. 

19. Live music - I wish I could go to concerts all of the time, I always have the best time seeing live bands and singers. Whether I'm in a huge arena or a small intimate venue I love the feeling of the live band and the crowd... It's the best kind of atmosphere.

20. Perfect fitting jeans - This is a hard one to find and I'm sure pretty much every girl feels my pain. The amount of times I have found a pair of jeans I love but they don't fit me properly is just ridiculous. I'm a different size in every shop I go in and usually wear my good fitting jeans until they literally fall apart. It's always the best feeling finding a new pair that fit perfectly though - Mango are my usual go-to.

21. Family Time - Spending time with Robbie and Elodie is my favourite thing in the world. I'm also massively appreciative of the family I have around me... I am really close with both of my parents, my Aunty and my Gran and try my best to enjoy quality time with them all as much as possible.

22. Newcastle - No not the football team again, this time I'm talking about the place. It's my favourite city for shopping, eating, sight seeing, partying... I just love spending time there, it's somewhere I'd love to live one day.

23. Dipping my toes in the sea - I have grown up living with the seaside pretty much on my doorstep, and despite it being something which I completely take for granted, I just love the feeling of paddling on a sunny day. It's one of those feelings which really takes me back to my childhood.

24. Bacon sandwiches - The perfect snack, in a white bun with loads of tomato sauce.

25. Random acts of kindness - When someone does something that's random or unexpected just to be kind, it fills me with a sense of happiness. It doesn't have to be something kind towards me, just anything in general. I like when people are nice.

26. Cuddles - I'm definitely a cuddly person, a cuddle can make everything alright again.

27. Fresh flowers - I always think having a bunch of fresh flowers in the house makes things so much happier. My favourites are peonies and tulips. 

28. Boyzone - My favourite band since I was about seven years old. I listen to them all of the time and still go to see them live as much as I possibly can.

29. Foot rubs - My favourite way to relax (receiving not giving!)

30. Being a Mother - Nothing beats it. Elodie is everything to me, she makes me so proud and so happy every single day... I'd love to have more children one day.

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