I always get the impression that from the outside, people view blogging as quite a glamorous lifestyle - Let me set that straight right now, it's not.
Yes we get to enjoy the odd event with free prosecco, yes we get to style up nice clothes and play with new makeup releases, but as for general day to day life, I personally am usually wearing no makeup, an old dressing gown and typing while I eat. 
In reality, it's just a job, a job like any other that has it's ups and has it's downs. Don't get me wrong, I love it and wouldn't change a thing, but there are so many hurdles we as bloggers have to face on a daily basis.
My biggest problem is finding a photographer to shoot my outfits for me. My boyfriend is really good, but he works so many hours that we only have limited time to squeeze in any shoots, My Mam and other local bloggers are great too but again, it's always difficult to find times that works for both parties.

I've looked into hiring a photographer for a few hours each week, but it's so difficult to know what I should be paying. I was pointed in the direction of Bidvine, a UK based app which collates local services and interested professionals for almost any job you can imagine from home to events, to care and nutritionists.
It's free to use, and so simple... I filled in a short questionnaire about what I needed including my budget and postcode and then just had to wait for people to send me their pitches and quotes. A few photographers got back to me within just a few days and I'm currently arranging a shoot with the one I felt was the best fit for me - I'm so excited to see how the pictures come out.

Probably the most stressful thing to get in a bloggers way is lighting. I try to use natural lighting wherever possible for my photos, I think the quality is always so much better - if it's a bright day.

Remember, I live in the UK, there is NO consistency!

During the Summer months it's a lot easier with the lighter nights (except for when we have constant rain like now!) but Winter can be a total nightmare. 
I do have some soft box lights and a ring light to help me through the darker months and they're great, but not cheap! I always make sure that when we do have a good lighting day, that I shoot in bulk and have lots of photos ready to go... It's much easier to utilise darker days for writing and admin and to take advantage of the lighter ones.

Inspiration can sometimes be a real killer for a blogger. Most of the time I'm full of ideas and full of inspiration, but writers block is a thing and some days I just don't want to write, but I guess this comes with any job.
Those days where I don't feel like working, I try to give myself much needed breaks, whether that's going for a little walk or having a proper lunch break where I step away from the laptop rather than eating over it - This helps a lot, as nine times out of ten I still have my work open beside me as I eat.

When it comes to finding inspiration, I do this in lots of different ways... Magazines, TV or just walking down the street. My main source of inspiration is other bloggers. There are so many people who have Instagram feeds and blogs that I just love, and by reading these, I find inspiration for my own work. 

Remember not to copy though, that's not cool.

Lately and probably the most common hurdle for me is time. Finding time to do all of the things I want to do and finding time to have a life around my blog - both can be an issue. 
There are times when I feel like my to-do list is getting longer and longer, yet I feel as though I can't turn jobs down and currently with my laptop being broken (I'm sure you've all noticed me ranting on Twitter!) it is getting really difficult to squeeze everything in.

What I have learned, similarly to when I need inspiration, is that I'm best taking a step back from everything for a while, which may seem contradictory, but trust me, it works.
I swear by my bullet journal for keeping me organised, I write lists, I prioritise and try my best to stick to a schedule. Some days it works, some days it doesn't, but hey I'm only human.

I went into full time blogging with the idea of it being this dreamy career, which yes, it is, however it's still just a job.
In all of the other jobs I've had there have been problems, things that have got in my way and days when I feel as though I just can't do it anymore, and blogging is no different.
So next time you read a post by your favourite blogger that you really enjoy, send them a tweet, or leave a nice comment - something so simple can make all of the hard work and stress really feel as though it's worth it.
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