For as long as I can remember I have aspired to be fitter, to improve my health and general lifestyle but I've never really made that much of an effort to get up and do it.
I been going to the gym on and off for about a year, but it's never been enough to really make that much of a difference. Recently though I have made five changes to my lifestyle in order to get fit and I'm already feeling so much better about myself.
I've recently taken up running and I am loving it so far. Not that I'm very good... in fact, I'm rubbish! I run out of breath after about a minute jogging, but I'm not letting that get me down. Instead I'm taking things easy, running little bits, walking when I need to, but most importantly I'm keeping moving and keeping pushing myself to improve.
I've treated myself to some new gym leggings and a sports bra too, which have helped me to feel good and more confident but also to push me to keep at it now that I've made an investment!

A big change I have made is in the way I eat. I have been consciously shopping for healthier ingredients and cooking from scratch so that I know I am eating healthier meals and not putting lots of fats and unnecessary things into my body. 
I have found and pinned lots of delicious recipes on Pinterest (follow me here *cheeky plug*) for meals and snacks, I've been using my slow cooker more often to create healthy veg based meals that last a couple of days and I've been using a few Joe Wicks recipes too.

I feel like I need to shout from the rooftops, but WHO KNEW HEALTHY EATING COULD BE SO DELICIOUS?!

Something which I didn't initially think would make much of a difference is that I have been having a lot more early nights. As a rule, I'm a serial late night film watcher, I like to get Elodie to bed, snuggle on the sofa eating rubbish and watching films. But let's not kid ourselves here, that has to stop if I want to get fit, and it kind of has.
I still do the snuggling on the sofa thing, but now it's in front of Love Island with a pot of jelly rather than late night with popcorn and ice cream.
The way this benefits me is that by having an early night, I find it much easier to get up on a morning. The snooze button  isn't quite so necessary and I feel as though I have so much more energy... It's amazing.
Of course this extra energy improves my mood, my outlook, my positivity and my productivity and it helps when I'm trying to do that running thing too!
I think a really important factor in improving fitness is also improving your lifestyle choices. This kind of links to the early nights, but now that I'm taking this more seriously I'm making social lifestyle changes too.
I've stopped drinking again completely... I've been pretty much tee total for the past ten years, with the odd night out here and there, but where I would have had a glass of wine with my tea or a cocktail treat at a meeting, I'm skipping those too.
Thankfully I've never been a smoker but my friend who has willingly taken on the fitness journey with me was quite a big smoker. I'm proud to say she's doing well quitting and is using Vape kits to help her. She talks about how great they are and keeps mentioning the Vape AYR, a kit which not only looks super sleek and sexy in it's rose gold and white packaging but recharges and refuels itself. They're going to be released later this year and she can't wait to get her hands on one. 
I think anyone who can quit a habit like smoking should be proud, it will make such a huge difference for her (I'm just glad I've not got that to overcome too, I'm unfit enough as it is!) 

Lastly I have been monitoring my progress in my bullet journal. I've been jotting down times that I've taken on certain routes when running, fitness quotes for inspiration, notes about how I feel when I've done my exercise and the things that I've eaten each day.
This way, when I'm having a bad day whether that's feeling like I can't be bothered to exercise that day or that it's not worth the effort because I still get tired or still feel chunky, I can look back and see that my times are improving or that I have managed five days without chocolate. These kind of things, despite being improvements of only a few seconds show progress, and even if progress is slow, it's a slow move in the right direction.

Do you have any tips on other changes I could make? I would love to hear your favourite fitness ideas.

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