If there's one thing I find difficult about blogging full time, it's learning to take time off. Working from home on something I am so passionate about and something I enjoy so much means that I start working as soon as I wake up and can sometimes still be going until bedtime and even when I'm out and about, I find myself checking emails and my social media.  

As much as I love my blog, creating content and interacting with other bloggers, I have realised the importance of switching off from being a blogger every now and again, and as I know I'm not the only one who needs to do this (all of my blogging pals are permanently switched on too!), I thought I'd share a list of tips on how we can switch off without feeling guilty about it.
Create A Schedule
Planning ahead and knowing what you need to do each day/week/month is key. 
I use my bullet journal for keeping to a schedule, but you can use a simple notepad or a spreadsheet on your laptop to keep on track of things, whatever works best for you. Most importantly though, keep your to-do list manageable and realistic... It's much more satisfying and self motivating to tick off three completed jobs than struggle and stress over a list of ten jobs each day.
I always make sure to stick to the schedule too, so that when that days jobs are complete, I can stop working and take the evening off properly with my family.

Take Breaks
Each day I make myself take a proper break from my laptop. I usually time this around dinner time, ensuring that I can eat a proper meal and get a break away from my work at the same time... It's surprising how much this helps me to keep up my motivation for the day too.
Some days I'll eat in, other days I'll go for a walk to the cafe in town or to my Mam's house. It's all about variety and having that little bit of time away to refresh and refuel ready for the afternoon of work ahead. 
Don't Force It
I'm not gonna lie, bloggers are humans too, and there are days when I just don't feel like writing or replying to emails. As long as these days aren't too frequent, I say don't do it if you don't feel like it.
Why force content? I know I don't create the best images or posts when I'm not in the mood.
If I give myself a day off because the words just aren't flowing or it's raining and I can't take the planned photos, I just use my schedule and spread the jobs out onto the next few days, this way I feel less guilty and still know that everything will get done.  

Plan Holidays
Everyone who works for an employer takes holidays, so why should we self employed people miss out on that?
Every year I make sure to cross out a few weeks in my diary where I promise myself I won't do any work. I usually schedule these weeks in at the same time as Elodie's school holidays so that I can spend all of my time with her and it works out perfectly.
I do make sure to do double the amount of work in the weeks leading up to my holidays though, just so that all of my content can keep running while I'm enjoying myself. This leads me onto tip number 5...
Use Scheduling Tools
Scheduling blog posts is my favourite thing to do. There is something seriously satisfying about having a list of blog posts all complete and scheduled for the weeks ahead and it is literally the most useful thing to a blogger. When I'm taking my holidays I always have a few posts going live to keep my blog consistent while I'm away and this gives me the freedom to forget about my blog for as long as needed.
I also schedule my Tweets to promote old content and new posts when they go live, Hootsuite is my favourite website for doing this, it's so quick and so simple and means everything is being promoted even if I'm nowhere near my phone or laptop.

I am a bit of a social media addict, I love Twitter & Instagram so much, but learning to put down my phone has been a really great thing for me.
Speaking of which, do you like my new phone case? I was sent it from Caseable with a matching case for my laptop... It's such a pretty, summery design and I love changing my cases every few months. The website is great and you can even design your own with photos or text... I might get one with a photo of Elodie on it next!

How do you switch off from blogging? Or do you prefer to be on it all the time?
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