It's been an entire 18 months since I hung up my Mango lanyard and left the company I really loved to take the plunge into the world of full time blogging. Time has flown by and so much has happened... I initially planned on writing this post after a year of full time blogging, but as always, time has ran away with me and here we are another six months later and I'm finally sharing my story so far.
Blogging is the dream career right? When I started this blog, nobody really knew what a blog was and there seemed to be the tiniest group of us who did it, but these days it's a career goal for so many young girls (and boys) and that is something which amazes me so much. To be a part of a new revolution of media is such a good feeling... Bloggers and Vloggers are where it's at!

From the outside I think people see blogging as glamorous... Attending events, trying new products, heck, if you're lucky you get to travel the world and get paid for it. On the flip side I think some people see it as easy... Sit at home all day, write a few posts about makeup - I can see how these perceptions are believed. 

They couldn't be more wrong!

Before blogging full time, I already had a good idea of what blogging as a job would entail. I had been working on That's Peachy for around 6 years before I took it full time, so I had plenty of experience, but since going totally full time, I've come to realise a lot that I didn't quite notice before.

There is a lot of pressure on bloggers. For me, I feel pressure from myself mostly - I have always pushed myself, always striven to be the best version of me, produce the best quality of content that I can and I always aim to improve and grow. Luckily I work well under pressure... If I have a free reign of something I can feel quite chilled about it, but give me a deadline and I'm seriously on it.

I also feel the pressure from my readers (not having a go, I promise!), PR's, brands, other bloggers... It's a constant battle as the online world never stops. There are no days off, there are no 9-5's in the blogosphere, the world keeps turning and the content needs to keep coming.

The competition is also insane. Imagine the feeling of going for a job interview where there are literally a million other candidates... That's kind of how it is in the blogging world, you need to compete with all of these other blogs all of the time and try to impress above everyone else.

Don't get me wrong, I see the blogging community as a great place to be and I day to day I don't see other bloggers as my competition. I support other bloggers as much as I can, I promote leaving comments, sharing posts I enjoy reading, following and liking and giving as much back as I can... After all, that's what blogging is about and that's why I started my blog in the first place.
However if you want to make it big, then you have to stand out and you have to be the best.

You definitely only get out of blogging what you put into it. Don't work hard enough, you won't reap any of the rewards... Unless you buy your followers, but please don't get me started on people who do that!

I love my blog today as much as ever, and I love blogging full time... there is a but coming.

Sometimes it feels disheartening, sometimes it feels like there is no point. There are times when I spend hours on a piece of content, only for it to under perform. The Instagram algorithm really gets my back up and whenever there is a kick off on Twitter I feel like I have to switch off or block those getting involved. Is it really worth it?

I have to say yes, I'm fully invested in blogging, content creating and photography... It's part of me. Sometimes its nice to take a step back though. It's also nice to embrace those off PJ/no makeup days that I get to call work - Everyone deserves one of these now and again!
One of my favourite parts of blogging is taking outfit photos, and this is definitely up there with one of my favourites (outfit and location) I've shot recently. I feel so lucky to live in a place with such beautiful scenery just around the corner. 

This outfit is the perfect Summer casual look, so wearable, so comfy but still really pretty and stylish. I love the knot detail on my top and the shoes are such a bargain and an almost exact dupe of the Valentino espadrilles that everyone wants to own.

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Peacocks
Jeans: Jane Norman
Bag: New Look
Shoes: Ego
Sunglasses: The Mix

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