I have lived with my boyfriend for over ten years now, and despite talking about marriage quite a lot, it's never been something we have felt we needed to do to show our commitment and love for each other.
My parents were engaged within six weeks of meeting each other and their marriage lasted for 27 years... I've never had a ring on my finger and although I'd love to be married one day, I don't feel like it's the most important thing in the world.
Slater & Gordon a family law firm London carried out a survey and found that 54% of people asked, have experienced a close family member going through divorce and this really does put me off... A break up is hard enough, who wants to get divorced?!

I think it's a modern day feeling that you don't have to be married... 69% of the people asked in the survey agreed that there is much less pressure to be married now than there was ten years ago. You can live together, have children and be just as happy (sometimes happier) than those who have chosen to celebrate their love with a wedding.

For me, the main reason to actually get married would be to celebrate our love in front of our family and friends and show commitment to our relationship. The last thing on my mind would be financial security, despite 45% of people asked in the survey claiming that that is the main benefit of marriage for them. 
The appeal of a huge wedding day isn't really there for me... I don't enjoy being the centre of attention and it scares me a bit to think of a day where all eyes would be on me. I do however love the idea of being able to plan a wedding, find the perfect dress, choose a cake and all of the little finishing touches - the creative side of me would definitely enjoy that part.

Maybe one day we will get married... In fact I hope that we do. It's not something I'm against the idea of, just as much as it's not something I feel like we desperately need to do.

How do you feel about marriage? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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