Summer time means holidays, ice creams, trips to the beach, floral dresses and huge sunnies... For me it also means repetitive use of some old faithful products which I find myself reaching for every Summer, every year without fail.
The first product which came to mind when I planned this post was my Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning, which is a tinted primer that works to gradually tan the skin as you wear it. 
For people with pale skin who want to add a little bit of colour, this is just ideal... Don't get me wrong, you're not going to turn into a bronze goddess overnight (more about that below!) but you will add a subtle bit of colour to your complexion.
It's a smooth cream formula which leaves the skin feeling like velvet. Pores are reduced and fine lines are blurred out, plus makeup sits flawlessly on top.
My skin struggles in the warmer months and despite having quite dry skin, I suffer with oil when it's hot - This primer does just the job for keeping everything in place even on those days where you feel like your makeup is going to slide off!

As I kind of mentioned above, the next Summer favourite of mine is the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume, which was brought to my attention by Lily about four years ago. 
This is the ultimate Summer scent; with notes of Amber, Vanilla and Coconut, this reminds me of holidays, pina coladas and memories of past Summers. I love that they re-release it each year with very slight changes and a new bottle each time - Always the perfect excuse to add another to my perfume collection.

When I was younger (I'm talking teenage years here), I used to wear the darkest fake tans I could find, and bronze on top, just to be the darkest version of myself possible... Think Geordie Shore and you're not far wrong.
These days I've grown up and seen sense and unless it's a big night out, I'm happy with more of a subtle glow to my skin, which is where St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan comes in.
I like how subtle this is and how it's ideal for everyday wear. I also like that it's buildable and can be used to create a deeper tan if I desire, but mainly I like how quick and easy this is to apply.
I used to hate having to take the extra time after a shower to apply the tan and wait for it to dry (I'm really impatient with things like that, I'm the same waiting for nails to dry after I've painted them!) so to have a product that I can use while in the shower which does just as good of a job is an absolute godsend.

Having such thick hair means that Dry Shampoo is an absolute necessity to me all year round, but more so in the warmer months as my head just gets so hot. Every year I go through loads of bottles from various brands, but my favourite this year is the Got2b Fresh It Up in 'Extra Fresh'
Not only does this smell really fruity, it refreshes my hair when needed (most mornings for me), it adds a bit of volume to my roots and it doesn't leave that crispy, chalky look to my hair.
There are a few different varieties of this dry shampoo available, you can find them near the tills in most Primark stores!

Finally, and one of my favourites of the five, is Benefit Coralista blush. This was my first ever high end purchase, and to this day I still love it just as much. 
This instantly makes me feel Summery, especially when I wear it on bronzed skin. It really gives a golden peachy flush to the cheeks and is a shade unlike any other I own. And as with all of the Benefit blushers, it's highly pigmented, blendable, long lasting and smells incredible. (I know that last point really doesn't matter, but it's an added bonus, right?!)
I also know people with really dark skin who love this and suit it just as much as I do... It's such a universally flattering shade. If you've never tried it, please go and give it a swatch! 

Are there any products you go back to every Summer?

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