The blogging world has changed. 
In some ways it's changed for the better, mainly due to the fact that it is now a recognised and in some ways respected career path but also due to the majority of the ever growing community and the recognition we get from fashion and beauty brands.

I love that putting your blog on your CV is something that can seal the deal when it comes to being hired for a relevant job and that people can go from blogging with their iPhone from their bedroom to shooting in the Maldives with a global beauty brand. 

We have to keep it real though, there are more bloggers now than ever before, some who blog for the wrong reasons and have unrealistic expectations. 
I see these people come and go, and it really drives me crazy... Being a blogger does not make you entitled to anything.
I'm talking about (hopefully) the minority here, but I have seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears, and I felt like I needed to share my thoughts.

So, anyone can blog. Anyone can sign up to Blogger or Wordpress and type a few words and share a few photos. This isn't all that blogging entails anymore - it's hard work and it's passion above anything else.

If you work hard, you will see rewards, and you will earn and deserve the things you can gain from blogging. But this is a long term thing. It took me almost seven years before I could go full time, and even now I'm not earning the big bucks. I can go for weeks without any sponsored or paid work and it's very hard.

I would however, rather work this way, sometimes struggle and keep my dignity than do what some do just to earn more money.
I'm talking about buying followers. 
Something I would never, ever do for a few reasons.
Mainly it's self respect and knowing that I have truly earned all of my readers, but I will talk about this more in an upcoming post that I've been working on.

I see new bloggers arrive on the scene... They have x amount of blog posts, but they have thousands of Instagram followers, Twitter followers, I'm talking thousands more than myself and other bloggers who have been in the game for years.
Maybe it's genuine... but I doubt it.
Some do produce beautiful photos and write some good content, some really don't which makes things even more suspicious.
These people think it's okay to come along, buy followers and dupe brands into working with and paying them - Hopefully brands are realising and becoming more savvy (Social Blade is your friend PRs!)
The shocking thing about it all though, is that the buying of followers and accepting paid work isn't even the worst part. Now I know I'm generalising, and I apologise for that, but like I said, I have experienced this first hand.

The bloggers who are posting pictures to their thousands of fake and bought followers are not only approaching brands shouting about their high numbers, they're asking for free things, they're asking for money, they're asking for invites to events and the list goes on.
Even worse, they expect it all.
They get annoyed if they get a no.
They slate the brands and the PR's who don't reply to them, those who have most likely realised just how these people have so many followers so quickly.

This makes me so angry - being a blogger doesn't entitle you to anything. Even Zoella for example isn't entitled to anything she wants, I'm sure she is very happy to pay for something with her hard earned money rather than begging a PR for a freebie.

Now I'm not one to name and shame, I'm not going to out these people, but I'm sure we all know a few of them. We probably follow a few of them without even realising - If I knew for sure, I'd most definitely be hitting that unfollow button.
I love to support other bloggers, I love to see blogs grow and for people to gain from their little places on the internet. I also hate to talk negatively because that's something I don't promote, but I just had to say something, even if it makes no difference, I feel better for getting it off my chest.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this subject, hopefully I'm not the only one who feels this way... I'd be surprised if I was! 

On a lighter note, I loved shooting the photos for this post... The beach is definitely my happy place and this playsuit (which is now in the sale!) is the perfect comfy/cool style for this time of year. I just wish I was going to a festival, as it would be ideal for that too.

Jumpsuit: Miss Pap / Bralet: UK Lingerie / Jacket: French Connection / Sliders: Ego / Belt: Boohoo / Bag: Fiorelli

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