When it comes to style and fashion, we are all familiar with the importance of picking the right clothes, but how often do you stop to pay attention to the accessories that you choose?

Accessories are a vital part of your style. Not only can they make or break a look, but they can help to define your individual personality through the way that you present yourself – for such a small piece, they do an awfully important job.
We all have our favourite accessories. Whether it is a sentimental piece of jewellery, the most comfortable pair of shoes you own or that bag that just goes so well with anything and everything, our wardrobe staples can help to define the accessories that we choose. However, sometimes an update is needed; it’s time for something new.

If this is the case, though, with so much choice out there, how do you know which accessories are best to choose? The possibilities really are endless, with increasingly new and innovative trends arriving all the time, accompanied by the old classics and traditional favourites.

When you are searching for new accessories, however, there are a number of factors that you must take into consideration.

Do you have a clearly defined personal style? Some people are incredibly picky about their appearance and the clothes that they wear, so for these people, it is important to pick out accessories that match this requirement. On the other hand, others take a far more laid-back approach to fashion, preferring just to go with the flow and see where their wardrobe takes them.

No matter which group you fall into, it is still vital to ensure that the accessories you choose reflect your personality and the version of yourself that you want to portray. Your outfit is the visual representation of your personality and people will often make judgements about you based on what you wear, so it is important that you feel happy and comfortable from a personal perspective.

Are you looking to dress for a certain occasion? Dressing to impress at work or at a job interview will understandably call for a much different approach than heading out for a few drinks with friends, for example. For this reason, you should always bear in mind your day’s activities and make sure to dress and accessorise accordingly.

For casual dates, you can let your personality shine through and showcase some of your favourite accessories. However, if the situation calls for a more formal approach, your mode of dressing will be vastly different. In formal situations or at work, for example, you can go for a subtle and more understated class of accessory. Opt for elegant, classy jewellery, and for men,
timeless accessories like cufflinks and tie clips are the best way to go. For more formal menswear inspiration, you can check this out.

Do you have a favourite type of accessory? Some people prefer bigger statement pieces, while others prefer to let their outfits do the talking and keep their accessories strictly limited to include just the bare minimum.

As previously mentioned, different types of accessory are great for various occasions. However, there is much more to finding the right accessory for you than that. For instance, as well as the occasion you are dressing for, have you taken the season and the weather into account? Sunglasses are a must for warm weather and summer days out, whereas a pair of waterproof shoes and a stylish scarf are sure to see you through the colder winter months.

When you are on the quest for the perfect accessory, it is important to keep all of this advice in mind. However, the best piece of advice to give is this – be yourself. If an accessory doesn’t feel right to you, listen to your gut and go with your instincts.

Similarly, if you find yourself torn or unsure about something, don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust for a second opinion. That way, you are guaranteed to leave the house feeling happy, confident and refreshed in your choice of outfit and accompanying accessories each and every day.

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