One of the most common questions I get asked as a full time blogger is, how do you make money from it?! People often seem surprised that it's an actual career, and all conversation etiquette goes out of the window... But to be honest, I'm not shy about talking money.

Blogging as a career can be frightening... After all, it's very sporadic. There can be months where I earn next to nothing, and others where I'm really happy with my earnings. The worst thing about it, is you an rarely plan ahead, as you never know what's coming next, and those who have been blogging a while will hear me when I say, you can't rely on a campaign until you've actually been paid. 
When things are slow I find other ways to make money such as blog sales, car boot sales, and selling on eBay...I've also been known to apply for a few short term loans, which can really help me out through a dry patch. And as long as I know that I'll be able to make repayments, I don't stress about this too much. 
I thought I'd break it down a little, and talk to you about four ways that you can make money through blogging. If you're a blogger just starting out, or someone who wants to monetise their blog further, this may come in handy...

Advertising - This was the first way I started making money on my blog, and to be honest, back then, I thought it was the only way. I offer advertising space to other bloggers for prices starting at £5 per month, yes it's small, but I don't really believe in making a lot of money out of other bloggers, I'd rather do it in an affordable way, which might make them want to advertise with me again in the future. 
I also offer advertising to independent businesses and other companies at varying rates. 

Sponsored Posts - Sometimes the best way to make money, and sometimes the worst. It can feel amazing when a brand you really love contacts you and asks you to create a post for them, and big money is there to be made if you can offer exactly what they're looking for.
I also find quite a few opportunities for sponsored content on blogger Facebook pages and on Twitter... Some of these may not be as directly aimed at my target audience as some others, but I always find a way to make a post relevant, and hope that these posts come across quite naturally (just remember to always disclose!).

Creating For Others - If you have time on your hands, creating for others can be a great way to earn some extra pocket money. I'm talking about designing blog headers, media kits, providing photos for others... that kinda thing. Again, when I'm charging other bloggers for this, I don't get greedy, I just cover the cost of my time, however, working for bloggers gets you noticed and can lead to higher paid work for brands. 

Affiliate Links - This is a great way to make money, almost without realising you're doing it, although you can inflate your income if you put a little bit more effort in. 
I use Skimlinks and Shop Style Collective for my affiliate links and find that I make around £15-£25 per month from them. If I put extra work into this, such as tweeting links to things I've been wearing or products I've been using, this can easily be increased.

Freelancing - The newest way to earn money for me, but one which I really love to do. I find work through People Per Hour, where I advertise my work... I offer writing and social media and so far I have had a few fairly well paid jobs.
If you enjoy writing, and don't mind creating for sites other than your own, then this is a really good option to try.   
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