No matter where you live or what you do, sometimes the only thing you want to do is shut yourself away from the world and just spend some quality time doing something you want to do. Whether it is making time for your closest family or hanging out with your best friend, catching up on your favourite TV show or heading out to hit the shops, we all have different ways to relax and unwind.

For many of us, our busy lifestyle and hectic schedule mean that personal time often gets overlooked as we struggle to fit more and more into our daily routine. Between work, commuting, maintaining relationships with family, friends and partners, household chores, sleep, the gym and everything else, it can be difficult to find a free minute, let alone a worthwhile chunk of unallocated time to spare.

However, many studies have shown that our ‘me’ time is important, not only for our personal wellbeing but also for our overall health. Therefore, if you regularly find yourself skipping out on doing what you love, you could actually be setting yourself up for bigger issues further down the line.

Here are five great ways to maximise the time that you have available and get set for a fantastic week ahead.
Indulge in a Pamper Session
Who doesn’t love a good pamper session? If you are feeling particularly stressed, why not treat yourself to a trip to the spa and indulge in your favourite treatments? Alternatively, there are still plenty of great ways to look after yourself on a tighter budget. Taking a luxurious hot bath with your favourite products is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.
For the ideal way to set yourself up ready for the week ahead, why not spend some time on a Sunday evening pampering yourself with a facemask and a lovely new coat of nail varnish? That way, you’re guaranteed to wake up looking and feeling fantastic, ready to face the week ahead.
Shop ‘Til You Drop
If you have been feeling down recently, a shopping trip is a perfect way to instantly boost your mood. Finding that perfect outfit that looks amazing and makes you feel great is also ideal for improving low levels of self-esteem. After all, when you look great, it makes sense that you will soon start to feel great, too!
Tantalise Your Taste Buds
Whether it is trying an exciting new recipe, baking a cake or indulging in your favourite sweet treat, sometimes we all need a little mouth-watering pick-me-up.
If you’re not a fan of sweet treats or are trying to stick to a strict diet, there’s no need to miss out. Instead, why not treat yourself to a delicious cup of luxury coffee? Perfect for enjoying either at home or in the office, taking a coffee break can help you to feel refreshed and motivated when you get back to work.
Try Something New
Life is all about making memories, and it is our experiences that make the best memories. From special occasions to travelling the world, our life experiences are always there to look back on. However, it isn’t always the grandest things that make the best memories. Sometimes, just the act of trying something new or finding something you love can create great memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life. So, why not take the opportunity to dedicate some time to trying something new?
Make Time for Loved Ones
We are surrounded by a loving support network of family and friends, but how often do you manage to find time to visit the people who matter most to you? Make time to visit your family, plan a surprise date night or head out for drinks with your friends. Not only will you relish the opportunity to catch up, but they are sure to appreciate the gesture and the extra effort you have put into connecting with them.
Of course, everyone is different, and different people have different ways of relaxing and de-stressing. Set yourself a commitment to improving your wellbeing and make sure to bookmark a certain amount of time for yourself each week – and don’t be tempted to fill it with more tasks!
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