This week marks eight years since I started blogging... Eight whole years! It's pretty hard to believe that it's been so long, but at the same time I feel as though That's Peachy has been a part of my life forever.

I have learned a lot along the way, and thought it would be a nice way to mark the occasion by sharing my thoughts on a few things I have picked up on. Despite not being an expert (is anyone?!), I think knowledge comes with experience, and that is something I definitely have.
Don't compare your blog to others. This is definitely something easier said than done, mainly due to the fact that there are some really amazing blogs out there these days. You have to switch off what others are doing, whether they're working with your favourite brand or being sent the newest releases from all the companies you love... Don't stress about why it's not you. Use it to inspire you and to push you to create better content.
Nobody wants to read blogs that are carbon copies of each other - Remember that.
Everyone's blogs are different and unique in their own way, and that is what makes them special.

Write what you want, when you want. I went through a phase of pushing myself to blog every single day, about things I had planned weeks in advance. Although I felt organised, I also felt stressed and pressurised into sticking to my schedule, and it made blogging less enjoyable.
These days, although I do have a schedule still, I'm a bit more lenient with myself. Some days I will wake up ready to go, and I'll write five posts with ease. Other days I'm not really feeling it, so I find other ways to utilise my time, and this definitely works better for me.
I think as long as you're enjoying it, then it's okay.

Self motivation is key. Blogging full time means that you're your own boss, and there's nobody else to tell you what to do - This sounds like heaven, but it also means you have to really push yourself to keep going.  If you're only blogging as a hobby, this is also relevant... The more you motivate yourself to create interesting posts and take great photos, the better your blog will be.
Although it can be hard work, it's really rewarding to look back on things you've created completely off your own back.

Other bloggers are lovely. I have met lots of bloggers over the years. It's so nice to attend events with people I can call friends and to have them there to chat to about blogging and the lifestyle it involves. It definitely pays off to be nice in this community.
Other bloggers can be awful. In contrast to my point above, sadly, bloggers are still humans and there are some people out there who are set on ruining things for others in the community. Luckily, it's a small minority of people, but just like any workplace, you will come across some bitches.
There always seems to be something happening on Twitter where bloggers are arguing or falling out, but I try to stay away from it all... The drama will disappear, but people always remember those who started it, for the wrong reasons.

A break can be a good thing. I try to push myself to be creating content all of the time, but when I do take a small break, be it a few days or a few weeks, I really feel the benefits of it.
In any other job, you take time away, and I try to remind myself of that.
I had a few weeks off this Summer, spent my time with Elodie and Robbie and came back to blogging really excited to write again. I had loads of ideas and couldn't wait to get started... I'm definitely going to give myself a little more time off now and again.

It's never too late to grow. At the beginning of this year, I won my very first blogger award. I was named the Best Established Blogger at the 2017 Johnson & Johnson awards, and I couldn't have been happier or prouder.
Although winning awards isn't the be all and end all of things, it meant a great deal to me, and to have finally won something after seven years of blogging, proved to me that it's never too late.
Never give up, follow your dreams and the hard work will be worth it all in the end.

Be you. This point kind of links in with my first, where I said not to compare yourself, but I wanted to touch on it more specifically. Some people portray a perfect, rose tinted lifestyle on their blogs and social media, but I believe in being more real.
Nobody wants to read about a fake, unachievable lifestyle... Be you, show the good and bad times, tell the truth and your readers will not only relate to you, but they will gain huge respect for you too.

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