I have an eight year old daughter... Let me take a moment to digest this. I can't believe she's 8 already, where does the time go?!
I mentioned in last year's birthday post (they have become a bit of a tradition), that she is getting too old for toys now, and that has been even more apparent this year. When we asked what presents she would like, she couldn't really give us an answer, so we took her shopping to let her choose some things herself.
She picked out a whole new wardrobe in Zara (her favourite shop!), and some craft sets to keep herself busy with. I then topped up the present pile with some books, pens and notebooks, a few treats from Lush and a make your own slime kit, which I'm sure we'll have great fun with!

Her actual birthday was on Wednesday, and she went on a school trip that day, which was a real treat. After school we took her out for tea and then headed home to cut her huge unicorn cake. (I must add, please forgive her bed head in the first two photos, she was too excited to bother brushing her hair!)
Again, over the year she has grown up so much, making me and her Daddy as proud as ever. Her confidence has come on loads, and she will now pay for her own things in shops and talks to people who speak to her a little more, rather than being shy all of the time.
She has joined Brownies, which she loves, and through this has made lots of new friends. 
Her favourite pass time is still watching YouTube, especially finding new singers and family vlogging channels. She also loves to sing and loves Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, she loves to dance, read, draw and she's still an expert Roblox player.

Needless to say, she is still excelling at school, especially in English and she has just applied to join the choir. Elodie is the most kind and caring little girl (she will shout at me for not calling her a big girl there), and I love the little lady she is becoming.

Sorry for the OTT love-in I'm having in this post, but if you're a parent, you will understand.
I look forward to reading this post again next year when she turns 9, it's so nice to look back on.
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