Lip fillers are a bit of a taboo subject, but I am completely open minded when it comes to cosmetic procedures and believe that if it's something that will improve your confidence, mind or health, then it shouldn't be frowned upon.

I was very kindly invited to Elle Aesthetics based near Middlesbrough to receive complimentary lip fillers in return for this write up, and I am so excited to share my experience with you all. 

Leading up to visiting Elle Aesthetics I was really excited, but when the day arrived, I was very nervous. I am quite a squeamish person and the thought of needles terrifies me.
As soon as I arrived and met Lynn, I instantly felt at ease. Lynn is an expert with years of experience as a nurse, is a paramedic and has been working in aesthetics for over eight years. Not only does she know what she's talking about, but she is really lovely and listened very carefully to everything I wanted.
We discussed my current lip shape and what I was hoping to achieve from the procedure.
I've never had any major hang ups about my lips, but I always wished they were a little fuller, especially my top lip. I asked Lynn to create more definition on both lips, to fill out the sides of my top lip and for a natural yet plumped look... I wanted it to be noticeable that I had my lips done, without them looking overly fake.
The photos above show my lips on the morning of the treatment, and as you can see, despite being perfectly fine, they weren't very full, especially my top lip.
The third photo shows me with the numbing cream applied... Attractive!

Lynn talked me through all of the possible side effects, the procedure itself and which filler she would be using (which she decided based on what I had asked her to achieve).
While I filled in a consent form, Lynn applied numbing cream allover my lips, which almost instantly started to tingle. After around five minutes, my lips were completely numb, I couldn't even tell if I was talking properly and they felt huge!

The numbing cream was removed and my lips were surgically cleaned, to avoid any infection.
I lay down on the treatment bed and decided to close my eyes so that I couldn't see the needle. Lynn began injecting my top lip and told me that despite the numbing cream, I would still feel a small scratch with each injection.
I was very relieved to find that despite being able to feel the sensation of the needle, it was almost pain free... I had around 25 injections into my top lip, and would say that only a couple gave me any pain at all, and even then I'd say it was very minimal, maybe a 3/10.
Although 25 sounds like a lot, the process was really quick and only took a matter of minutes, with my lips being massaged between every few injections.

I did start to feel a little faint at this point, so I was lay down flat and given a glass of water (complete with straw!). I felt so embarrassed, but Lynn reassured me that it happens and that it wasn't a problem.
I soon felt better and Lynn said I could stay lying down for the rest of the procedure, and she began injecting my bottom lip.
In total I had 1ml of Juvaderm Vycross Volift filler injected into my lips.
Below are some photos of my lips immediately after the treatment, the first taken by Lynn and the second by myself in the car... I was instantly really, really happy with my new lips.
As you can see there are very few needle marks, and despite being swollen, my lips don't look overly filled or fake.
As soon as the process was complete, I felt fine, although my lips did feel huge.
I was advised that my lips would be swollen for around two days before they settled into the correct size and shape and that I could experience some bruising.
I had done quite a lot of research online before going through with the treatment (I highly recommend this if you're thinking of having fillers) and had seen some photos of really bad bruising where the lips were blue and purple.
I was really lucky that I only had a tiny pin prick bruise on my top lip and nothing else. This disappeared within a couple of days and the swelling also seemed to go down really quickly for me.
The photos above show my lips two days after the treatment, when I was advised that pretty much all of the swelling would be gone, however, compared to now, my top lip was still a little swollen. 
Below are photos of how my lips look now, three weeks since the treatment with my lips fully settled in their finished shape.

My fillers will last between nine and twelve months before I need to have them redone. 
The process can be reversed and a product which will dissolve the filler can be injected if necessary, but that won't be happening, I love them!
Overall, I am extremely happy with the results, and I am so happy that I had them done.
I will definitely be having them done again, I think next time I'll go slightly bigger, especially with my bottom lip, as I found that I preferred the shape slightly when they were still a little bit swollen!

If you're based in or around Middlesbrough, I really can't recommend Lynne and Elle Aesthetics enough, everything about my experience has been perfect.

I received complementary treatment in return for this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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