Everyone aspires to have perfect skin, I'm certain of it... I know I do.
Bad skin days can really get me down, and feeling self conscious, paranoid and ugly is really not a nice feeling. So when I heard that Ren were releasing a product which promises to be The Ultimate Skin Perfecting Serum, I knew that it was something I would have to try.

I have used quite a few skincare products from Ren over the years, and I've always had really great results. They're a very reliable brand, that I always turn to when my skin is in need of something amazing.
Perfect Canvas is brand new onto the market, having only been released last week, and already it's receiving praise from everyone who has managed to get their hands on it.
I was lucky enough to receive a bottle before launch day, so have been using it for around a month already, and feel that this has given me long enough to judge it properly for myself.

So, is it really as good as everyone says?!

The primer is a completely silicone free, skin finishing serum of liquid consistency. It comes boxed and inside a matte, white glass bottle, with pipette dispenser for really easy control application. Everything about the packaging and branding lives up to the sleek, simple image Ren have already carved out for themselves in the skincare world.

From the very first time I tried this out, I noticed that it dries quickly on contact with the skin... You're given just enough time to apply and disperse evenly across the skin before it dries, and almost disappears, leaving an invisible film on the skin.
It dries with a completely matte finish, but doesn't dry out the skin at all, instead it leaves everything feeling naturally filled and smooth. It has a slightly tacky finish to it, which surprised me, considering how light it feels on the skin, but this works wonderfully, as your foundation and base products really grip to the primer, meaning that they last a lot longer throughout the day.

Perfect Canvas is different to other primers I have tried as it contains Probiotics extracts which promote overall skin health and structure, boost the production of essential skin proteins and enzymes, improve the skins barrier function and influence the speed and quality of epidural growth. It also contains Hyaluronans which help increase the skins hydration and elasticity... 
It's basically a skincare product as well as a primer, and I always love it when I know my cosmetic products are looking after my skin as I wear them, it's a really great added bonus to have.

This has been wonderful at balancing out my mostly dry, combination skin to give me a really even base to work with... I'm definitely going to keep reaching for it throughout the colder months, and see how it copes when my skin is at it's most troublesome. Based on how it's been so far though, I have no doubt I will continue to love it.

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