I'm such a list person, but doesn't everyone love a good list? That satisfaction of ticking the boxes off as I complete a task just gets me every time. 
As a blogger, I'm constantly writing lists, my poor bullet journal has gone from pretty, to purely practical!

Lists do come in really handy though, as I always have so much to do, and there fear of forgetting something important is one I dread.
I have daily tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly tasks, some being easier to remember than others. The daily tasks especially, come as a bit of a routine for me, I know how I am going to spend my day and know how to schedule everything to fit in and it's kind of the same with the weekly jobs.
Monthly tasks are a little more difficult. For one, I'm that busy with the daily/weekly jobs that the monthly ones can be forgotten about, that and the monthly jobs are also the most boring... The ones I dread a bit.
That being said, they're some of the most important, and they just have to be done... I just grab a cuppa and try to get on with it.

Update Media Kit
This is usually quite a quick job, but such an important one. It can be done more or less often if you choose, but for me, monthly works just fine. 
I update my social media stats, blog traffic, DA score and every couple of months I will update the photos on it, if I have any I'm especially proud of, or to reflect the current season.
I also like to re-save the document on my laptop and update the name of it to include the month... That way PR's will know that it's current and relevant. 

Fix Broken Links 
The job we all hate, and admittedly, the one I haven't always been very good at keeping up with. It is however, very important if you want your blog to show up higher in Google searches, for your DA score to improve and for general SEO purposes.
If you don't know how to do this, it is quite a task, especially if you don't keep on top of it. I find mine by going to Broken Link Check and typing in my url... It then does the rest for you, searching all of your pages and flagging up any broken links. Then you just have to find the time to go back through your old posts and fix them. 

Schedule/Plan Content
I'm the type of person who likes to plan ahead, so this one kind of comes naturally for me. I try to blog five times a week (give or take!) and I try to mix up my content as much as possible. I don't put any pressure on myself to stick to an exact schedule, but I do like to put important posts and content with deadlines into my diary and then work any other posts around those.
I find that by having a plan for the month, I am more motivated to get everything done and that it keeps me and my blog consistent.

Organise My Inbox
I can be quite lazy with emails, but at the beginning of each month I like to have a really good clear out... I file away everything that's been responded to, delete anything irrelevant and chase up any I'm still waiting for replies/payments for. 
You can always guarantee that I find a few emails that I thought I'd responded to and hadn't, so it's definitely beneficial, and let me tell you... There's nothing better than looking at an empty inbox!

Are there any blog related jobs you do on a monthly basis?
I'd love to hear how you keep organised.
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