I'm sure we have all heard of and used micellar water plenty of times... It's amazing for a quick cleanse and for removing even the toughest of makeup. But how do you feel about using it on your hair?!

Pantene have released a shampoo and conditioner duo both containing micellar water, making a really affordable option for us all to try this new concept.
Micellar water contains tiny particles of oil which act like a magnet to attract dirt and impurities, which not only works on the skin, but also in the hair. The particles are really gentle and don't strip the hair of any moisture, keeping the hair nourished yet clean without having to use harsh chemicals.
The micellar shampoo and conditioner are a very mild and gentle method of cleaning the hair, and are perfect for anyone who often feels as though their shampoos and conditioners weigh their hair down, or for those who suffer from a dry scalp and hair after washing.

I have been using this duo to wash my hair every third day, and I have found that my hair has adjusted to it perfectly. My fine, yet thick hair feels bouncy, light and squeaky clean, and my often dry/tight feeling scalp has improved greatly.

Both products are sulphate and silicone free, completely clear and very subtly scented - there's no frills here, they are just simple and do their job well.

Will you be jumping onto the micellar trend for your hair, or just keeping it for your skin?
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