Do you have hooded eyes? If you do, I hope you're with me when reading this post, high fiving me along the way as you feel my pain about my annoying hooded eye lids.
If you don't, then please read on, please try to understand and please realise how lucky you are to not have hooded lids... They're such a problem!
Eye shadow is none existent: Well, it is, but it's hidden on our lids. We can spend hours perfecting the most amazing cut crease look, a sexy smokey eye or even just play with colour to create something different, then we step away from the mirror and open our eyes, and all our hard work is gone! 
This is the main reason I rarely bother with eye shadow in my makeup routine, because nobody sees it when I wear it anyway! You always know that it must be a special occasion, or there must be a good reason if I'm wearing eye shadow, because nine times out of ten, I'd rather have the extra five or ten minutes in bed than spend it wasting my time blending something that no body is going to see.

Lashes never look as good as they could: I'm so envious of people with long, whispy lashes... They look so pretty! If I want a bold eye look, I have to reach for false lashes every time, as my own just don't cut it. Falsies can be harder to apply with hooded lids too, but if you commit to the cause and make an effort, it definitely pays off. My personal favourites are Eylure lashes, especially the Texture and Lengthening ones, they always make such a difference for me and they're so affordable... Every time they're on offer in Boots, I make sure to stock up.

Eyeliner is a waste of time: Anyone with hooded eyes will be nodding their head in agreement to this one. As soon as we apply liner, much like eye shadow, it disappears, and a cat flick just never looks the same on us as it does with other people - It's so unfair! 
I can't tell you how many times I have attempted a good flick, and it rarely pays off. I think the best I've achieved is with my Lancome Grandiose Liner, but even then it's not perfect. 

That dreaded creasing & transfer of product: I have tried primers, cream products, powder products, liquid products and anything else I can get my hands on, but it seems like no matter what I try, I will still suffer from some form of creasing, or transferring of product onto my upper lid. Not only is it annoying, it looks messy and it just seems unavoidable.
If anyone has any tricks for ways I can avoid this, please do let me know... I feel like I've tried every brand and every formula and just can't see a way around it.

No one else understands: I honestly feel that people without hooded eyes just don't get it. I always feel they look at me and think, why don't I wear much eye makeup, why do I always have smudges of product on my brow bone or upper lid and why do my cat flicks always look pathetic! It's not my fault guys, I swear!!

Do you have hooded eyes?
Tell me you feel my pain too!
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