As a lover of Autumn and Instagram, I thought I'd share ten sure fire ways to be an Insta-hit on the app this season, all while being a seriously cliche blogger type... But who said that's a bad thing?!  
Upload a photo of your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte... They may not taste very nice (personal opinion) and they may cost you an arm and a leg, but you just gotta get that shot! If you're trying extra hard, make sure you hold it up the the street while wearing your new gloves, with brown leaved trees in the background.

Show off your new Winter boots - it has to be done.

Then show off the previously mentioned Winter boots while standing in a pile of leaves, preferably taken from above... Everyone loves a #FWIS shot

Hold up a leaf and take a quick snap - that's normal right?!

Let everyone know that you're loving berry lips again. You can do this by either photographing them on your face or just have your fave shades standing in front of something copper on your desk - So Autumn it hurts.

Wear lots of camel and mustard - This is your Autumn uniform. I have been using designer womenswear brand Ralph Lauren's online style guide for inspiration and ideas of outfits to wear and share this season. 

And a bit of burgundy into the mix too... This can be in the form of clothes,chunky scarves and wooly hats or nail polish.

Stick the hashtag #Autumnal on everythaaang!

Go pumpkin picking and pick up the biggest pumpkin because you're doing it for the gram... Then put it down and buy a little one (if any!)

Light your fire and hold up a creamy, marshmallow filled cup of hot chocolate in front of it... That orange glow in the blurred background will guarantee all of the likes!

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