Now that Winter is here, I'm trying to really embrace my favourite season and time of year. People often ask me why I prefer Winter to Summer, so I thought that I would share five things that I love to do during the colder months.
Who knows, maybe by the end of this post I'll have converted you to loving Winter too... Or given you some ideas for things to enjoy this season.
Try all the festive drinks
I like to make my way around all of my favourite cafes and coffee shops trying out all of their festive menus, as I really do think that some of the best drinks are only available around Christmas time. So far I've been to Costa (I've loved the Black Forest Hot Chocolate for years), McDonalds and Hotel Chocolat (Salted Caramel & Clementine Hot Chocolates are delicious FYI)... I still have to get myself to Starbucks and Cafe Nero and try the Costa Billionaire's drinks before I miss out, as I've heard they're really good!  

Wrap presents
I know some people hate wrapping their Christmas presents, but I always really enjoy it! I wait until everyone is out of the house, pop a Christmas film on the TV and take over the front room floor with all of my different wrapping papers, ribbons and bows. I always make sure everyone has their own theme of paper and colours so that everyone's presents are easy to differentiate, and when I have the time, I love to get really creative with the wrapping decorations. It's always really worthwhile when I see everyone receiving their gifts. 
Spend time outside
I love the cold weather... I love to wrap up with jumpers, coats and scarves and go for long walks, especially when it's been snowing. There is something so magical about seeing your breath in the cold air in front of you and something really romantic about walking hand in hand, keeping each other warm and laughing at each other's red noses from the cold.

Buy coats! 
My favourite thing to shop for is coats. Every year I find myself lusting after an endless amount of outerwear for every occasion. This year I have only bought one new coat (so far), but my wishlist is forever expanding. I definitely think a coat is an investment, as they get so much wear each year and I always use them the following year too. The coat I'm wearing in these photos is one from Topshop last Autumn.

Attend a Christmas Carol service
I'm not a religious person, but every year I love to take Elodie to church to sing Christmas carols. It's a sure fire way to make yourself feel really great for the day, to put a smile onto our faces and to truly get everyone into the festive spirit. I always come out of the church feeling so excited for the big day.

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