I'm stuck in another hair rut, and I can't decide what to do...
Do I go for the chop again? It does seem to have grown drastically since last time I visited the hairdressers. Or do I colour it? Remember when I had ombre hair?.. I quite liked that!
I'm such an indecisive person when it comes to my hair, as you can probably tell. But I definitely need a change, and a cut is looking like the most likely option, as I worry so much about damaging my hair with colour.
I started dyeing my hair when I was about 14 with Wella packet dyes (who remembers those bad boys?!) and quickly went on to having fully bleached hair, done by my hairdresser.

And no, I won't be uploading a photo of my full on blonde days, it was not a good look for me!

I always blame the fact that I now suffer from quite bad hair loss, on how often I used to dye my hair in my teens and twenties... That on top of the fact that I've heat styled my hair for years, and always had quite long hair, all of which are factors that lead to badly conditioned hair.
I've heard a lot of good things about TRX2 capsules, the supplements which help to promote hair growth and thickness, so I'm tempted to give those a try. If any of you have used them, I'd love to know your thoughts.

As much as I try to care for my hair and use the best products for my hair type and personal needs, I'm still left with dull, dry hair, split ends and the awful fact that my hair comes out in clumps whenever I wash or brush it.
When I had it cut earlier in the year, I also had an Olaplex treatment, which really helped with the overall condition of my hair. It was easier to manage and style, it looked and felt better and definitely had a boost of life injected into it... It is definitely something I would have done again, and highly recommend.

If I do go for another cut, I want to go shorter than last time. I really like the idea of a blunt, collar bone length chop, which will hopefully help add some volume to my hair as well as combating the dull, split ends that I consistently suffer with. I also think shorter hair can be so much easier to manage and style... I'm thinking of something along the lines of Perrie Edwards shorter hair style, or maybe Ellie from Hollyoaks, if I'm feeling brave enough!

My hair care products aren't things which I experiment with very often, I tend to find something which works for me and stick to it. I am making a conscious decision to change things up a bit this season though, as I want to really take care of my hair throughout the colder months. The www.haircaretotal.co.uk website is definitely going to be my starting point for finding something to work for me, there are a huge range of products to help with all kinds of hair issues.
I'm also investing in richer shampoos and conditioners, intensive treatments, masks and serums... All products which will inject some moisture and give my hair some strength and shine during the cold weather, which is when my hair often feels brittle, dry and weak.

Which products do you recommend?
Are there any brands you rate, which I may not have tried?
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