Botox is something that has really interested me for years...
Despite people telling me that I don't look my age every time I meet someone new, I still have my hang ups and having to airbrush that dreaded forehead wrinkle in every photograph was becoming a bit of a chore.
When visiting Elle Aesthetics for my lip fillers, I decided to be brave and finally go for it and I am so glad that I did.
I didn't want to go overboard with the botox, I simply asked to have my forehead lines smoothed out, and to do this, I also needed botox injected between my brows to keep everything balanced. This, to be honest, wasn't a bad thing, as I do get terrible frown lines from working on a computer all day long.

I was a little shocked to be told that your face isn't numbed before the botox is injected... This worried me as I am not very good with needles and pain at all. However I couldn't believe how quick and completely pain free the procedure was.
I would give it 1/10 on the pain scale, as I could barely feel a thing - I was amazed!

It was also done in a matter of seconds. I had two or three injections on either side of my forehead and two between my brows... It's easy to see why people get this done on their lunch breaks from work, it's just so simple.

A big difference between the botox treatment and my lip fillers were that the botox isn't instant. It takes around two weeks to work properly, and the results last around three months.
The only bad thing about the treatment for me, was that I suffered from an agonising headache the evening I had it done... I was told that this could happen, and it was simply due to the fact that my muscles were reacting to the treatment. I just used it as a good excuse for an early night, and slept it off.

The results have been incredible. I am so happy that I went through with the treatment! 
Within a couple of days I started to see results, and after around a week since I had the botox, all lines had completely gone - I was seriously impressed! 
If I try to frown, there are no lines between my brows and when I raise my brows, my forehead doesn't wrinkle at all, it's amazing!

Considering how painless botox is, and how great the results are, I really can't recommend it enough... If wrinkles and lines are something that's getting you down - fix it. 
If you're in the North East and around the Middlesbrough area, Elle Aesthetics are the people to see... Tell them I sent you, they're such lovely ladies who will instantly put you at ease and answer any questions you may have. 
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