This week has been so festive... Firstly there was the snow, which settled around three inches deep where I live (it was gorgeous!), and then it was Elodie's Christmas performance at school, which is always guaranteed to get me in the Christmas mood... She was in the choir this year and I managed to bag myself a front row seat, it was brilliant.

I've talked and talked about how prepared I am for the big day this year, the tree went on the last day of November, which is super early for me, a lot of my presents are bought and wrapped, but WOW, I was not prepared for this freezing cold weather!
As a self confessed coat addict, I actually haven't bought myself a new coat this year, I've just been recycling last years camel and grey beauties that I have in my wardrobe.
Unfortunately, none of my options are particularly thick, cosy or warm and none of them have a hood, so needless to say, I've been rather cold lately! (It's definitely been hood weather).
I have been layering up with plenty of knitwear, my gloves and scarves and even my thermal socks but I am desperately in need of a proper Winter coat to go with my new woolly hat that I bought last week, as I couldn't find my other one anywhere. (Any excuse to go shopping!)
I have whittled down my wishlist of coats to around four or five that I love now, but the decision making part is so difficult... There are seriously so many amazingly stylish yet practical stylish yet practical women's parka coats available this year... I'll probably end up with more than one.
My checklist involves a big hood, preferably a furry lining of some description, a drawstring waist and a zip up fastening, and if the coat ticks all of those boxes, I know I'll be ready to face the elements.

I say all this, with my little Elodie standing beside me, looking like the trendiest and warmest child in the world. I am obsessed with her Winter clothes and accessories this year. If they made her coat in adult size, there would be no question, I'd be totally copying her and we'd be matching all season!

I think once I've chosen my coat, I'll be good to go... I've got my trusty Uggs at the ready (for the third year running, and they're still going strong!) plus a new pair of wellies for the really miserable days, I have lots of really long, wrap round scarves and a new pair of gloves with touchscreen fingertips that I got for my birthday... Ideal for Instagramming in the cold.

I'm praying the snow comes back once Elodie has broken up for school, so that we can go sledging and build some snowmen, as we haven't had chance yet. I also want to get out and take some more photos and for some reason, the idea of a cold morning walk is really appealing to me (in my new coat obviously!)

Are you prepared for if and when the snow makes it's return, or will you be choosing to hide inside in the warm?!
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