With less than two weeks to go until the big day, I'm really starting to get my plans sorted and make sure that I'm fully organised so that Christmas Day is hassle free and enjoyable from start to finish. 
I think I have spoken on here already this year, about how I'm usually a really last minute kind of person around Christmas time, however, this year I've been surprisingly organised. 

The tree is up and I'm completely engrossed in the festive mood already, I've even been bopping along to some Christmas tunes while I drive... I'm well and truly excited!
My favourite thing about Christmas day without doubt is the dinner. I love nothing more than a huge roast dinner, loads of meat, loads of roast potatoes and homemade Yorkshire puddings, it is literally my favourite meal ever. 
We had planned to pre-order our food from Marks & Spencer, as everything from there looks amazing this year, but as yet, we haven't done that... I'm thinking we'll end up shopping for it ourselves rather than ordering now, but we'll still go to M&S, I've seen too many amazing looking treats to be able to resist now!
We have discussed what we're going to eat in quite a lot of detail, and we keep adding new things to the list. What I do know, is that we're getting turkey, gammon and beef, maybe pork too... Just for the three of us. It's going to be epic!

I still have a little bit of Christmas shopping left to do, so I need to finish that. Although I do feel really organised in the sense that I know exactly what I'm getting for everyone, so there shouldn't be any need for panic buying this year. I'm just waiting on a few payments and then I can get everything ticked off my list.
For the past three years, I have been out shopping on Christmas Eve, picking up the last minute extras that I need, and although I do enjoy the buzz of Christmas shopping in the busy periods, that's a tradition I plan on skipping this year. Hopefully my Christmas Eve will consist of a few Christmas films and a cheeky drink or two in front of the fire. 

Something I really, really want to do is get myself to the Christmas markets. I know I'm running out of time a little, but I'm hoping to be able to make it to Newcastle or York as I just know that it will make me feel extra festive and happy before the big day arrives. 
I've been stalking the relevant hashtags on Instagram and I've seen quite a few vlogs from people visiting the markets, and I'm extremely jealous of all the amazing food and drink on offer - I definitely want a bit of the action if we get a chance.

As I haven't completed my shopping yet, I still have to finish all of my wrapping too, but I'm proud to say that I've already wrapped around 75% of the presents I've bought, so I'm off to a good start!
I do get a little crazy with my wrappng and make sure that everyone's presents have their own little theme and everything has to match - It's always worth it in the end though, because the pile of presents looks so good.
All of my gift wrap is from Sainsbury's this year... If you haven't got yours yet, I can highly recommend their range. 
One of the most important things for us this year is taking Elodie to visit Santa. We do it every year, but now that she's eight, I am very aware that this could be her last year as a true believer, and I want to really make the most of it.
Some of my happiest Christmas memories come from Elodie sitting on Santa's knee, getting excited in queues to meet him and screaming thank you to him as she opens her presents on Christmas morning. I am hoping nobody at school is going to spoil the magic of Santa for her anytime soon, but I kind of have a feeling she's getting to the age where we're treading on thinner ice with it all... If it was up to me, she'd still believe for another eight years!

As I type this, there is a thick layer of snow outside and with the weather forecast promising more, I am determined to fully embrace the snow this year. I know people moan about it as soon as we get a few flakes (myself included if I have to drive in it!), but I'm going to make sure whenever I can get out in it, I will. I want to take lots of snowy photos, build a snowman, take Elodie sledging and admire it from the warmth of my living room as it falls.

Lastly, as I have already mentioned, but it's so important that I feel I need to mention it again... I want to really relax on Christmas Eve. I'm hoping not to have to leave the house, I just want to stay in my pyjamas, watch Christmas TV, eat lots of naughty snacks and really enjoy a day of doing nothing... The perfect start to Christmas!

What do you have planned for the festive season?

What I'm Wearing:
Jumper: Primark / Watch: Daniel Wellington

I'm pretty much living in this jumper lately, can you believe it's from Primark?! 
I'm also loving my new watch from Daniel Wellington, which came in the gorgeous gift set I featured in this post.
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