As someone who has a huge fear of flying, going on holiday is something I look at as a dream, rather than a reality... It's actually over 25 years since I last went abroad.

Yes, you heard me. It's been a long time!

One thing I really want to do though, is face that fear, get on a plane and enjoy a holiday with my family. Elodie is at an age now where she's asking to go places and she's wanting to do more with her time off school, so I'm hoping that this Summer will be the one where I get to go away for a week or two.
Before deciding where we are going, or even when we are going, I have started to think about the things I need to buy and what I'm going to wear. Considering it's been such a long time since I went on holiday, there is a lot that I need to think about. 
I need a suitcase, travelling clothes (great excuse for a new pair of trainers!), skincare for the flight because I hear you can get really dehydrated(?), sandals, pretty dresses, sunglasses, sun cream and of course some swimwear... Which just happens to be the most exciting part for me, as I've never even owned a bikini before!

I'm writing this post to brainstorm some ideas, and ask for your advice and tips... Where to shop, what do I need, what don't I need? Packing is going to be fun, please don't let me forget anything obvious!

I have been browsing online, pretty much constantly since we first mentioned a holiday and I've bookmarked so many outfits and accessories already. 
I have spent a lot of time on the Simply Beach website, admiring their swimwear and beachwear from so many different brands and designers in every style imaginable. 
I feel like the body conscious side of me needs to invest in a swimsuit, as I know it's something I'll feel comfortable in. Ideally I want a navy and white stripe one, or the black zip up one above... I love how simple it is, but the zip just gives it something a little extra.
For bikinis, I definitely want a plain white one, but also love miss-matched sets and there's just something about pairing up the white bandeau top with the high waisted black bottoms, don't you think?!
If I end up going somewhere hot and really want to fully get in the holiday mode, I might embrace being able to wear bright florals for once too with something like the Pour Moi Wonderland set, which I think would look great with a sheer or lace black kaftan or cover up.
Now I just need to start my diet and get to the gym!

I'm also going to be using the impending holiday as an excuse to buy myself a new circle basket bag, a new pair of sandals, fancy new makeup with SPF and a Kate Spade passport cover. Necessities of course!

Where do you like to shop for swimwear? And what else do I need to pack?!
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