After a very indulgent start to the year, all the leftover chocolates, lots of meals out and the odd glass of wine in the house, I found myself feeling a bit lethargic and depressed... I felt overweight and had no confidence in my outfits. I was looking at my overflowing wardrobe and saying I had nothing to wear, nothing that fitted properly or made me look good. As any women will tell you, no matter how often your other half reassures you that you look great, there really is no worse feeling, and it's something that you can't get over until you do something about it. 
So Shape Paris Reboot Detox Programme Results Blog Review
I was given the opportunity to try another So Shape programme, and decided to go with a quick fix, the 5 day Reboot option which is designed to help you bounce back from a binge.
I picked out some delicious sounding meals from the vast array of flavours available; Indian Curry Pasta (the perfect alternative to my usual Indian takeaway!), Spicy Pasta Bolo (a favourite from last time I tried So Shape) Tomato Soup and two sweet options, as we all know I love sweet things; Sea Salt Caramel (my new favourite) and Strawberry Tart.
All of the smart meals come in powder form, they are gluten free and have no preservatives. Preparation is easy, you simply add water and shake, and you have the option to use a microwave or hob if you want your meal hot.

As with any diet, the So Shape challenges require dedication otherwise you won't see results, so I was pretty strict on myself, reminding myself that at any moment of weakness, I only had a few days left to go... This is what's so great about the 5 day programme, it's so quick to do and if you're really good, it can be really effective!
I had to have a smart meal for breakfast (I opted for the sweet flavours), a smart meal for tea and I could eat whatever I wanted for dinner (or lunch if you're not from the North!) I did keep finding myself feeling quite hungry, but made sure to fill myself with healthy meals so as to stay on track with the programme. I favoured things such as tuna or chicken salads, boiled potatoes, yogurts and fruit.

So Shape Paris Reboot Detox Programme Results Blog Review
When it comes to taste, as with any protein powder or meal replacement shake, they do have that usual underlying taste, however So Shape are some of the most pleasant I have tried. 
I added paprika and onion salt to my Indian Curry Pasta dishes and chilli flakes to the Spicy Pasta Bolo to increase flavour, and I found myself really enjoying them. The sweet flavours are delicious as they are, taste just like a milkshake and they really work to help with my sugar cravings which I suffer with daily.
Although the smart meals are't as filling as a usual meal I would eat, I found that the 5 day detox was easily achievable for a quick fix, and if you really do suffer, there are meal ideas provided in a booklet, which suggests ideas of how to use the smart meals in cooking to create bigger healthier meals that are still going to benefit your health.
I also found myself drinking a lot of lemon infused water throughout the day, which I could drink from the So Shape bottle... This definitely helped me through the 5 days.
So Shape Paris Reboot Detox Programme Results Blog Review
After five days of being really strict with myself, I felt so much more energised and a lot less bloated around my middle... I also noticed that my chocolate cravings had subsided dramatically!
I hadn't weighed myself before beginning the programme, as weight loss wasn't my goal and I didn't really think 5 days was going to make much of a difference. However I do believe that thanks to the lack of bloating and how comfortable my jeans were feeling by the end, I probably did loose some weight too.
For a quick detox and a bit of a body refresh, I think the So Shape smart meals are an amazing idea and work really well.

If you're looking to energise your body, or kick start yourself on a fitness journey, I can't recommend So Shape enough.
The Reboot 5 day programme is ideal for a quick fix or if you want to try the 14 or 28 day challenges, you can save 10% using my discount code PEACHY10 on the So Shape website.
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