Subscription boxes come in all varieties these days and because of that I only share the ones I truly think are worth the money or really unique on here, so before you click away, stay with me and read on... 
What has become quite an overcrowded market does have a few stand out brands, and the box that I am talking about today is one of those which I think has a really deserved place and should be one that you consider treating yourself to.
So let me start by asking you, when did you last change your toothbrush?
Did you know, you're supposed to use a new brush every 2-3 months or after you've been poorly?
Well, I didn't know this until now, and I don't think I'd changed my brush for at least 6 months, so all I can say is, thank goodness for Brushbox!

Brushbox is an oral care subscription box based in the UK. They send you a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste direct to your door every other month (the packaging is sleek enough that it will fit through your letterbox too!) and postage is free, so you have no excuses about forgetting to change yours or your families and you can all keep tooth decay at bay together.
Prices start at just £2.50 per person per month, depending on how many brushes you need and the style of brushes you choose. You can select between 1 and 4 brushes per box with the option for adult or children's brushes too. If you're really on a mission to improve your oral health, you can also upgrade the box to include floss and/or a tongue cleaner.

In my box, which I was sent for review purposes, I received;  
A curved bamboo toothbrush, two tubes of toothpaste, a tongue cleaner and floss.
Everything comes very neatly packaged inside the box, which is filled with tips and tricks on ways you can get a healthier mouth, whiter teeth and a happier smile.
Personally I think that Brushbox is a great idea, and something that I will be subscribing to myself, as it's so beneficial and so affordable. 
It has pushed me to improve my oral hygiene already, simply by giving me floss and the tongue cleaner. Both are things that I hadn't bothered with before, but I'm already noticing the difference in how fresh and clean my mouth feels after using them.
I also have to add that the toothpaste tastes great - I worried about this initially, because I find some pastes can be too chalky, but this is really fresh and minty.

What do you think of this, will you be subscribing to Brushbox?
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