It's hard to believe that it's coming up to a year since I had my first ever cosmetic procedures.
Obviously I didn't have any drastic or life changing work done, but I was so happy with my botox and lip fillers especially, that the thought of having more treatments makes me feel positive and optimistic about what can be achieved with such slight changes.

While I'm not the type of person who would ever get a lot done, or let myself get carried away with procedures, I have been reading up about available treatments I could potentially go ahead with.
I find myself looking at certain celebrities, admiring their fuller lips, their lifted cheekbones and improved noses and wondering just how easy these changes are to make...
While many of us have a favourite celebrity we admire, some take that admiration a step further and opt to pursue a rhinoplasty (commonly called a "nose job") in order to make them look more like a certain celebrity. A rhinoplasty can certainly improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence, but there are a few things to consider when weighing whether or not you want to get a rhinoplasty.

Is Your Goal to Look Like a Celebrity, or Like a Better Version of Yourself?
Part of the reason using models to sell clothing works is the fact that, at least for some consumers, it seems as though buying that piece of clothing will make them look like the model in the picture.
You might wonder what clothing has to do with cosmetic procedures. It may seem obvious, but it's important to understand that trying to emulate a celebrity nose will likely not make you look just like that celebrity. Therefore, it's important to ask yourself if you want a given celebrity's nose because you want to look like that celebrity, or because you think having a similar nose will improve the way you look.
If you think that a single cosmetic procedure will make you look just like your favourite celebrity, you may need to adjust your expectations. However, if you think the shape of a given celebrity's nose may improve the way you look (and make you feel better about yourself), then the procedure may prove to beneficial.

How Close Will the Result Be?
Of course, even if you realise that a rhinoplasty likely won't make you the spitting image of your favourite actor or musician, you probably want to know just how close your result will be. If having an exact replica of someone's nose is your goal, be sure to bring this up at your consultation. Because each person has a unique facial structure, it may be possible to exactly recreate a celebrity's nose on one person but not on another.

At your consultation, your doctor will likely be able to assess your facial structure, look at the nose you'd like to have, and tell you how close the end result will be. Then, you can make a decision based on the additional information your surgeon has given you.

Depending on available resources and your surgeon's preference, you may be able to see a simulation of your surgery results. Many offices have software that approximates the results of plastic surgery. Alternatively, your surgeon may sketch out an approximation of what a rhinoplasty would look like on your face shape.

Of course, it is important to mention the fact that simulations are almost always approximate. During surgery, your individual anatomy may necessitate small deviations from the simulation. So while an approximation of your surgery results is likely to be mostly accurate, it may not be entirely so.

How Do I Decide?
You know by now that, while a plastic surgeon can create a rhinoplasty result that is quite similar to the nose of your favourite celebrity, it is unrealistic to expect an exact result. (And even if you did end up with an exact result, you likely wouldn't look just like that favourite celebrity).

If you are having doubts about your rhinoplasty, or if you just have questions, your plastic surgeon is an excellent resource. Surgeons have plenty of experience trying to give people the noses they want, and yours will likely be able to tell you what you can expect based on your own facial structure, the results you want, and various other factors.

How Does the Process Work?
The road to a rhinoplasty involves a few steps--you don't just walk into a surgeon's office and come out with a new nose. Usually, the first step is setting up a consultation. This is when you bring in the results you're expecting (usually a photo of the nose you want). If you're bringing in photos, having photos of your ideal nose from multiple angles is a good idea, as it will give your surgeon a better idea of what results you want.

At your consultation, your surgeon will prompt you to ask questions and will talk to you about the results you can expect, what healing time is like, and more. You may also have your nose photographed from different angles. This will give your surgeon something to reference to better plan out the rhinoplasty.

The specifics of the surgery itself will vary depending on several different factors. However, due to pain, drainage, swelling, and the healing process as a whole, it is generally recommended that you take about a week off work or school. However, if you have concerns about healing process or time off, be sure to talk to your surgeon.

Once you have had the operation itself, you will likely have a few follow-up appointments. Because of the swelling immediately after surgery, you likely won't be able to assess exactly how close your result is to what you had hoped. As the swelling goes down and healing continues, you and your doctor will be able to evaluate your results. If you still want to try and achieve a result that's even closer to the nose of a favourite celebrity, you may want to ask about a follow-up procedure to further alter your nose.

Are You Ready to Begin?
If you are ready to undergo a rhinoplasty or just have questions about the procedure and are based in the US, Dr. Daniel G. Becker of the Rhinoplasty Center is ready to help. Dr. Becker has helped countless rhinoplasty patients in Central and Southern New Jersey achieve the rhinoplasty of their dreams, and he also serves as a Clinical Professor of Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are ready to set up a consultation, call (609) 436-5740 for Central New Jersey or (856) 772-1617 for South New Jersey. You can also learn more about Dr. Becker and The Rhinoplasty Center at
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