Believe it or not, as much as the weather is trying to convince us otherwise(!), Spring is finally here, after what feels like the longest Winter ever.

Every six months I change up my skincare routine to fit in with the seasons, and this S/S I'm giving a full Jurlique regime a try. Despite enjoying trying new products and skincare for the sake of my blog, I am going to keep these as my main products and hope for great results... After having a consultation with one of the skincare specialists for the brand I know that these products, selected specifically for my skin type and needs, will be the best options for me.

If you haven't heard of Jurlique before, they are a natural skin care brand which originates from Australia. As well as using natural and herbal ingredients in their products, Jurlique's beauty plant is ran on solar power, uses low voltage lighting and promoted extensive water reuse. The plant sends zero waste to landfill and use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible. All of their products are cruelty free and they have never tested anything on animals.
When speaking with the specialist, I described how my skin was dry/combination, with a lot of redness and congested areas. I also spoke about how I wish my skin could be brighter and smoother and went into some detail about my current skincare routine.
From the information given, I was advised to try three Jurlique products which I have just started using.
All of which come in the prettiest packaging, don't you think?! I love to floral details and the frosted glass bottles so much.

I always think skincare takes a while to fully get to grips with and to see results from, so think of this as a bit of an introduction/first impressions.
Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse - A cleanser which has been developed to help to add radiance to the skin and to help feed the skin with antioxidants, which are key to help protect the skin from everyday pollution and environmental damage. This is great for anyone with combination skin and can be used during my morning and evening skincare routines.
The foaming oil travels far, so only a small amount is needed, and the mixture of botanical oils including jojoba, grape seed, rose hip, safflower and starflower lift away any makeup from my skin with ease. 

Calendula Redness Restorative Treatment Serum - This serum was suggested to me for reducing the redness in my skin. It contains Jurlique's unique comfort complex which helps to calm and sooth the skin, therefore reducing any heat and redness. When applied, it feels so gentle and cool on the skin, it's perfect for anyone who suffers from sensitivity.
It can also be used to minimise breakouts, and is recommended to be worn underneath moisturiser each day.. I'll definitely be reporting back to you all on how I get on with this.

Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion - Finally, a moisturiser that perfectly suits my skin type; dry, sensitive with some oiliness... You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find skincare that ticks all of the boxes for me, but this really does. 
I'm always drawn to rose products, not because I particularly like the smell, but because they're so gentle and effective for my skin. This is incredibly cooling and satisfying to apply and is incredibly lightweight, yet hydrating. 
I'm going to be teaming this up with the serum, and praying for good results... So far though, I can only say great things!

Do you change up your skincare with the seasons?
Let me know if you've tried Jurlique products before.
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