Every Sunday, thousands of people head to Newcastle Quayside for their weekly market. When the sun is shining, I really can't think of a better way to spend a few hours.
With plenty of independent food stalls, some regulars, some who trade from time to time and a mixture of craft and gift stalls, there's always something new to see, to eat and to spend your money on an the atmosphere is just wonderful.
tyne bridge newcastle quayside street food market
The market trades from 9am until 4:30pm, but we like to visit early, so we don't miss out... We've learned the hard way that if you leave it too late you will be greeted with lots of sold out signs.
A couple of weeks ago, the sun was shining, so we took advantage and drove up to the Quayside to see what was on offer.

We are regulars at the market, so definitely have out favourite stalls that we always try to stop at; The Brownie Bar, Fat Hippo, Proven Goods Co and The Doughnut Guy (which I raved about in this post).
I also never leave the market without having one of the Geordie Bangers sausage on a stick, they're SO good!
geordie bangers newcastle quayside street food market
Elodie's favourite stall is Red Head's Mac & Cheese, who sell without doubt, the most delicious, cheesiest and moreish mac & cheese you have ever tasted. After living in America for years, the owner has brought the NYC style recipe to the North East, and he's even planing on opening a Mac & Cheese restaurant - We can't wait!
Every time we visit the market, this stall is the only one that Elodie wants to visit... She goes for the plain option, and I favour the chorizo topping - yummy!
red heads mac and cheese newcastle quayside street food market
Like I mentioned, every time you visit the market, something new catches your eye. 
I love The Canny Candy Gadgies with their amazing selection of fudge and Canny Coffees, who make really pretty colourful lattes (if only I was a coffee drinker!) I also love how they use proper Geordie names!
We always find time to stop by the Wiga Wagaa stall which sells a huge range of chilli products, it's always fun to sample the different sauces and we always make sure to have a pot of the chilli jam in our fridge.  I've also visited Simply Cheesecake a few times after the recommendation from a few friends, which we absolutely love; the Brownie Pots are my favourite!
canny candy gadgies newcastle quayside street food market
canny coffee newcastle quayside street food market
simply cheesecake newcastle quayside street food market
If you're looking for local produce, there are some delicious cheese stalls, the Artisan bread stall (try the spelt, it will take you back to your childhood!), The Honey Store and so much more. 
There are also lots of local craft stalls selling anything and everything you can imagine including greetings cards, key rings, jewellery, mirrors, framed prints, furniture and clothes
artisan bread newcastle quayside street food market
the honey store newcastle quayside street food market
newcastle quayside street food market
When it comes to getting something to drink at the market, please don't settle for a bottle of water or a can of something fizzy... There is so much more on offer.
Elodie always opts for a chocolate milkshake from The Waffle Co (who's waffles are also really tasty!) and I choose to get a Charcoal Lemonade (trust me and try it!) from Northern Juice or any of the delicious handmade sodas from Tap Garden who hands down have the prettiest stall on the market... Their drinks are really Insta worthy too!
waffle co milkshake newcastle quayside street food market
tap garden handmade soda newcastle quayside street food market
And in honour of saving the best until last, our latest discovery and newest favourite stall is Hatch 76, a converted van selling variations of crispy duck wraps and loaded fries.
As a real lover of crispy duck pancakes, I have to tell you, that their Crispy Duck Wrap with hoisin sauce is easily the best I have ever tasted. The wraps are so fresh and doughy... more pancake like than a regular wrap and the flavours are just beautiful. I always say that I should try something else, but find myself back in the queue at the van every time!
On our last visit we also tried the Vietnamese fries with crushed peanuts, sriracha mayo and coriander... Hopefully you can see from the photo below just how amazing they are. Packed with flavours, spice and tang... They might just be another favourite of mine.
hatch 76 newcastle quayside street food market
hatch 76 newcastle quayside market vietnamese fries
Have you ever been to the Quayside Market? If so, let me know your favourite stalls that I should visit!
If not, have I inspired you to go?
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