When it comes to booking and planning holidays or weekends away, I'm definitely the type of person who favours a city break over a beach holiday. 
I much prefer to be out and about, busy, sight seeing and enjoying new food rather than lying in the sun or swimming in the sea.

This year we are hoping to go on holiday a couple of times, as we haven't had a real holiday for years! 
While researching city breaks suitable for families, I ended up with a huge list of places that I hope we can visit eventually, but I have managed to whittle it down to just five options. 
For inspirations I have been using Holiday Gems - check their site as they have so many options of places to go, you definitely won't fall short of ideas, which is kind of where I have a problem! 
All of the places we like the look of seem to have some really strong selling points, so I am hoping that you can all help us choose where to go.

Amsterdam: Top of the list (as I'm writing this in alphabetical order) is a place that, ten years ago I wouldn't have dreamed I would have wanted to visit. I thought Amsterdam was a place for lads holidays and that was it, but over recent years I have seen more and more people I know visit, and tell me such amazing things.
I'd love to visit the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums, try some new culinary delights at the food markets, ride bikes in the park, and spoken like a true Instagrammer, I really want to have my photo taken next to the canal! 

Barcelona: For a break with a little bit of sunshine, this is definitely a good option, as it still has the city vibes, with the great weather. I feel like a weekend here would be a little more for the adults, with lots of beautiful restaurants and bars to try, and the nightlife is supposed to be amazing.
I'd also want to do a lot of walking and a lot of sight seeing to make the most of the beautiful architecture, visit the Barcelona football stadium and spend a lot of time shopping - Mango, Zara... come at me! 

Dublin: A place I have wanted to go to for as long as I can remember, for various reasons; The possibility of bumping into a member of Boyzone being reason number one, but I'm sure Dublin offers so much more than beautiful boybands! 
Music would still be a priority for me though, as I'd love to go to some pubs with live Irish music playing and of course the Temple Bar for a drink or two. I've heard great things about the Guinness Factory tour and apparently St Patrick's Catherdral is a must see when you're in the city. 
Elodie would love to visit the zoo, and walk around the shops and flea markets in the centre. With it being such a short flight away, I feel like this would be a really simple but enjoyable, hassle free break for all of us.

New York: Obviously this option is a little more extreme than the others in the sense that it is a lot further to travel and the fact that I can see myself needed a lot more money for, and that's just for the food and shopping, never mind anything else!
However, I still wanted to include this in the list, as it's been on my bucket list for years, and it seems to be getting more and more common that people are visiting here for long weekends, although ideally I'd like to go for a month!
When it comes to NYC, I want to do it all; Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Sephora... The list goes on!

Prague: Being such a picturesque place, how could this not be on the list?! The buildings and cathedrals are all so intricate and amazing, I just know I'd be constantly taking photos. I have also done quite a bit of research on places to eat, and there seems to be so much on offer, I don't think we would know where to start! There are delicious looking restaurants, lots of street food options and all the beer you can imagine.
I think I'd really like to visit around Christmas time, wrap up warm and maybe see some snow, I bet the atmosphere is amazing.

So there we have it, that's the shortlist. Now please let me know where you think we should go?!

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