Every time Clarins release a new product or collection, I can't help but get a little bit excited. Whether it's makeup or skincare, anything I try from their range just seems to agree with my skin and work really well for me.
Their latest skincare release seems as though it's been made specifically for me and with my skin in mind, the Hydra-Essentiel collection is targeted at dehydrated, dull skin and aims to restore the skin's capacity to retain water.
With eight products in the collection, there is a variety of serums, creams and lotions to fit into any skincare regime. Personally, I have started off with the slightly more specialist products from the range, those which target problem areas which are common to suffer from dehydration.

As someone who suffers from dry, sensitive skin around my eyes, the launch of the Hydra-Essentiel Moisturizing Reviving Eye Mask is something that I have very much been looking forward to. With skincare, it's a common thing to find that treatments can be a little too harsh or heavy to use around the eye area, especially as it's a particularly delicate area for everyone and even more so for some like myself, so to have a product created especially for this is a god send for me.

No matter what your age, I urge you to look after your skin, especially that around your eyes, as it is so much thinner than the rest of your skin, therefore will show any signs of ageing early.

This is a multi-use product, which can be used as part of the daily skincare routine or as an overnight mask for a more intense hit of moisture. 
I find that it absorbs into the skin really quickly, without feeling greasy or oily, and my skin really holds the hydration after use. 
I have been storing mine in my fridge, so that when I apply, it's cold on contact with the skin... This not only feels incredibly refreshing on tired eyes, but helps to shrink my eye bags too - Always an added bonus!

Alongside the eye mask, Clarins have also launched the Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, a hydrating and restorative treatment for dry and damaged lips. 
My lips rely on moisture, and if I go a day without applying any kind of lip balm, they start to feel sore. This is a really gentle balm, which leaves the lips soothed, smoother after just a few uses and slightly glossy when applied.
The magic ingredient in the balm is blue lotus wax, which is super gentle, even on the most sensitive of skin and provides a protective layer on the delicate skin on your lips to hold in the moisture and protect from the elements during the day.
It's comfortable to wear, simple to reapply without the need of a mirror and once it has melted into the lips, makeup applies perfectly on top.         

Have you tried any of the range before? I'd love to hear how you get on with the products too!
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