After spending the last eighteen or so many years trying, buying and wearing bras, I think I have finally found one that I can say that I love, for so many reasons. When it comes to choosing your underwear, there are lots of factors to take into consideration; style, colour, straps, shape, fit, I'm sure I could go on. 
I don't know about you, but for me, there are three things I always look for with my underwear. Firstly, I look for comfort (maybe it's my age, but I'd much rather wear some thing comfy than something that just looks good), secondly I need support (this is where my love for bralets lets me down, they always look so good and have the comfort thing down to a T, but there's never enough support for anyone who needs anything bigger than an A cup!) and lastly, I like something that will sit nicely under my clothes. I have worn bras before that stick out under t-shirts, make my chest look a strange shape, or are overly decorated and can be seen through any slightly lighter fabrics and personally, I like my underwear to stay hidden.

I've been trying a couple of styles from Upbra and they really do tick all of the boxes for me. Whether you have small boobs, or big boobs, these bras work for women of all shapes and sizes. They offer lift and extra cleavage for those with smaller chests, extra support and lift for those with larger chests and comfort for all, thanks to their uniquely shaped body hugging zone and the incredibly soft fabric they're made from.

What makes any of the bras from Upbra unique, is that they offer adjustable cleavage, meaning that one bra can be worn in a multitude of ways, with high necked tops, low cut v necks and anything in between, plus you can adjust how much cleavage will be on show with every outfit you wear or every occasion you attend. You can even adjust the bras as you wear them, with such ease that it becomes quite fun changing up the look.

The technology behind the bra is quite unique, and rather than pushing your chest up, it adds volume and lift without giving that over the top fake look, everything somehow manages to still look really natural. Unlike other cleavage enhancing bras you may have tried in the past, the adjustment comes from below and in between your boobs, rather than from the straps, which can cause discomfort. Upbra's unique cleavage control mechanism gives you the options for multiple settings and you can fully adjust how much you want to enhance the lift or support of your chest, all with no extra and uncomfortable padding. I love the hook and lock system as it's so simple, but so effective and best of all it's really easy to adjust throughout the day if needed.
I have been wearing the Perfect T-Shirt Bra which is perfect for under light fabrics and tighter tees and the Convertible Bra which has adjustable and removable straps, and thanks to the grip around the band of the bra, it stays in place all day long, and your cleavage doesn't move either, which for a strapless bra, in my opinion, is pretty impressive! There are also little vinyl hearts inside each cup, which not only look cute, but serve a great purpose in keeping everything in place by lightly gripping your breasts so that nothing moves once in place.

The Upbra range is getting bigger and bigger, but for now is available in three styles, plus a bikini top version and comes in sizes up to a DDD. I really love mine, and if you're in need of refreshing that underwear drawer (aren't we all?!) then I highly recommend giving these a try.

I received my bras for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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