Who else spends hours scrolling Instagram, comparing yourself to all of those perfectly airbrushed Insta models? I think it's time we stopped... stepped away from the 'gram and looked at reality a little. 
What matters? Instagram followers?.. No, not really.
Happiness matters, being yourself, being comfortable and being real.
If we all followed the Instagram stereotype, we'd all morph into one, we would all be a tiny size 8 and be wearing the same clothes. If I'm honest, I'm sick of seeing lycra shorts, tiny little bodycon dresses and tops cropped so high or cut so low that there isn't much modesty left. If that's what it takes to reach 10k, then I think I'll pass. Instead I'm being an advocate for women's hoodies - the comfort, the ease of wear and ways of styling, you really can't go wrong. And despite them not being your typically Instagramable piece of clothing, I love mine, and I'm sharing it nevertheless.
I'm all about showing the real me, real life and saving memories on my Instagram, not faking outfits just so that I can upload a new 'on theme' snap to my grid. If I want to wear something comfy to the beach, then I will, and I want to share a photo of it, I will. I wish more people used the app this way... The more I find to follow, the more I'm enjoying scrolling my feed.

I've been living in this hoodie since I got it, the colour is perfect for Spring, and it's so handy just to throw on when it starts to get cooler at the end of the day, over a top, over a dress, it works with everything!

I do love Instagram, it's my favourite social media platform by far. I think I've mentioned that a few times before, yet it's still the one place where we all struggle the most.
You don't really hear people moaning about Pinterest or Twitter, but with Insta it's an every day thing.
Whether we're struggling to grow our account, losing followers, discovering fakes or there's been another change with the algorithm, it's all a bit hard to take.

I have asked myself a few times, why I bother. But I do it because I love it, not because it's in any way successful or makes me lots of money, and that's why we should be doing it, right?! That's why we should be blogging too, because we enjoy it, and because it gives us something to be creative with, to look back on and something to be proud of.
I think we all need to remember that. 

It's easy to get down about your profile, your followers are dropping, other people's accounts are taking off and you're just not getting anywhere... We all feel it I think. Especially since the algorithm kicked in.
It does make you question yourself, am I pretty enough? Do I look fat in that picture? Should I be wearing the things she wears? It's bad for your self esteem and can really get you down.
But I honestly think if we all relax a bit with it and remember to enjoy it, rather than push for likes and follows, the rest should fall into place.

Everyone is in the same boat really... less likes, less followers, but let's remember not to worry, it's only Instagram after all. And since I've been thinking this way, I have been enjoying it so much more.

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