Money is the route of all evil... Has a truer word ever been spoken? I really don't think so. I also think that money causes more problems than anything else too, especially when you don't have any! Ironic? Yes, but also correct.

Since we started saving for a house, I have become a lot more aware of how I spend the money that I do have, ways of cutting back, ways of finding bargains and better ways to save. It has become a little bit of an obsession of mine, but I definitely think that it's a good obsession to have! I have started a spending diary, and let me tell you, if you're wanting to start saving, this is one of the best ways to do it. 

There are so many little things that eat away at your bank balance without you realising, but when it's all written down, you really can't ignore it and it becomes so much easier to look after those hard earned pennies! No one can deny though, saving is hard, especially when there are bills to pay. I have taken out a few short term loans in my lifetime and I do believe that as long as you have done your research into the full terms and conditions (read the small print kids), then they can be really helpful at times, especially if you're just needing to get yourself to the end of the month before paying it all back.

I know money can be a little bit, okay a huge taboo, especially in the blogging world because god forbid anyone actually tells another blogger how much they earned for that sponsored post, but I thought I'd share a little on here and give you an insight into my weekly spending diary.

I spend the majority of my money on food, which is a little depressing, but I love my food and I'm quite happy to spend my last pound on a bar of chocolate. In a typical week we would go to Aldi or Tesco and do a big shop. This usually involves buying a whole chicken, some pork chops, a loaf of bread, some avocados, eggs, cheese, a few bags of potatoes, pasta, a few tins of beans, sweetcorn, tuna and spaghetti, grapes, cereal, biscuits, milk, squash, lemonade, cat food and toilet roll. Oh the glamour! This would add up to roughly £50/£60.
We also tend to have one treat meal per week which is usually a Domino's (about £20 including delivery), a Chinese (around £15) or a visit to our local pub which usually comes to about £25/£30.

Having a car seems like a luxury until you have to deal with all of the outgoings! I pay my tax etc by direct debit, but there's still petrol to pay for every week. I use around £40 per week, but always end up topping up £5 or £10 here and there as I need it. 

We also top up our electricity with £30 each week, which is another of those spends I hate because it feels like you're just throwing money away!

While Elodie has been off school we have spent a lot on little extras that we wouldn't be buying if she wasn't on holiday. Trips to the beach for ice cream and all of the treats that we have picked up in the shops while she has been with us (comics, chocolate, blind bags, pots of slime and Happy Meals) have added up to around £30 per week too. I love having her at home, but can school hurry up and start again please?!

By budgeting around £170 per week, we have been able to save small amounts here and there. It's just those unexpected bills or events that pop up without notice that eat into those savings. 

How much do you typically spend in a week?
Are you really good at saving? I'd love to know your tips!
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