Hello, hi, how are you all? Wow it feels like such a long time since I sat down at the laptop and typed up a blog post. Mainly because it has been! It's been over two months since I published a post, which for me is pretty much unknown. In my 9+ years of blogging, I don't think I have ever taken such a long break but I've decided it's time to come back.  
If you're wondering where I have been, well, I haven't really been anywhere. I've still been active on Instagram and Twitter, I just haven't really had the motivation to blog. Robbie's starting a new job, so has been home with me while he's been in between places, so we've been enjoying lots of couple time, and I haven't wanted to prioritize sitting behind the laptop when I could be with him. Then of course, Elodie broke up from school for Summer, so again, family time became my priority. The break was by no means planned, if it had been, I would have mentioned it, but it just kind of happened without me realizing.

I've also been feeling really down and disheartened with the blogging world recently. It seems like more and more bloggers are coming along and cheating the system, buying followers, taking opportunities that they really don't deserve and doing it for all of the wrong reasons. I spoke about my thoughts on this in this blog post, and I still feel the same, if not even more frustrated with it all, which is why I think I subconsciously decided to take a step back. I just didn't want to be a part of a community that I was really hating, I didn't want to be involved.

I'm not going to lie and say that I haven't considered giving up blogging altogether, because I have. However when I think about it in depth, I know that isn't what I want to do at all - I love my blog too much. Instead I decided just to wait and see if I ever felt the urge to come back, instead of forcing it, and it has done me the world of good.

I guess writers block has been a little bit of an issue and despite having blog posts planned and photos taken, I just didn't have the motivation to write, and definitely didn't want to force anything, because it just wouldn't have worked and I think you would have been able to tell that my heart just wasn't in it. I've heard people talk about losing their 'blogging mojo' and I've always thought HOW? but nine years in, and it happened to me! Today I actually wanted to sit down and write, nothing felt forced and the words are flowing easily... Which is how it should always be with blogging. 

To sum up, if you're not feeling it, don't make yourself feel pressured to blog. The break has made me feel like I love blogging again and that I'm excited to create content again, which is why I started this little space on the internet in the first place.

Have you ever taken a blogging break?

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