With Autumn fast approaching (in fact, it already feels like Winter today), I thought I'd talk to you about the fragrances that I have been wearing over the past few months. I love trying new perfumes and scents (my collection could be described as slightly excessive to say the least!), and always use a new season as a good excuse to refresh my collection, whether it be adding new options to my beauty desk, or going back to old faithfuls.

Throughout the Summer I have been rotating four perfumes, all of which have been new discoveries for me this year, and all of which, I will be carrying on through the colder months with me too. I thought I would share a little round up post and I will do my best to describe the scents despite it being the most difficult thing ever to write about!
You may remember my blog post about being matched to a signature scent by a fragrance exert at John Lewis? Well, Gucci Bloom was the fragrance I was given and I am definitely an advocate for their signature scent campaign, as I really do love what they selected for me. Bloom is a floral fragrance, as you would expect from the name, but in case you were worried, it's not an old fashioned flowery perfume. It has a slightly musky, powdery scent, and once settled onto the skin it gives off a much more modern fragrance. It's very light, it's very feminine and yet still manages to be quite sultry once applied.

Ghost Sweetheart is a fresh and feminine yet slightly spicy fragrance, one which lends itself perfectly to night and daytime wear. I had a few Ghost perfumes as a teenager, but this is more grown up than I remembered. Interestingly this has top notes of spearmint, lemon and pineapple, heart notes of rose and jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and caramel, so it's a real mixture, but definitely one that works and adds a little bit of oriental inspiration to my collection. The frosted glass bottle is one of my favourites too, it's so nice to hold and looks gorgeous.

Possibly my favourite of all time is 'Over The Musk' from the Mugler Les Exceptions range. I discovered this when I visited Fenwick in Newcastle for the Clarins Beauty Bar launch and have been obsessed with it ever since. This is the most unique perfume I have ever worn or owned, it really is one of a kind, which makes it really hard to describe! Using words from Mulger themselves it is 'as surprising as it is alluring, sensual, unpredictable and enchanting', and I couldn't put it better myself. It's available in Harrods and selected Fenwick stores, and I can't recommend having a sniff next time you visit their perfume departments, it's soft, it's light, it's long lasting and it's simply beautiful.

Finally, another scent which I have talked about on my blog before, is Ted Baker's Polly from the Sweet Treats collection. This is the girliest option of the four, which I found ideal for Summer days. It's very sweet and light, and the stand out notes for me in this are amber and vanilla, which make the most beautiful combination. I have this in a travel size bottle, which I've been using every time I've had a night away or needed to carry a perfume in my bag - It's ideal for a top up and I love how the bottle design is simply a miniature of the beautiful full size bottle, it's a real talking point when I take it out of my bag when I'm out. Surprisingly, it's really affordable too, which you would never guess from how glamorous it looks.

Which perfumes are your favourites at the moment?
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