If you haven't heard of Mrs Hinch, then where have you been?

I am admittedly a little late to jump on the hype of this modern day cleaning godess from Essex, but having recently hit that follow button on Instagram, I now fully understand why everyone is talking about Mrs Hinch and her Minkeh and I am a fully fledged member of the #HinchArmy!
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Cleaning has never been something that I have enjoyed, some of us are born to love cleaning and can embrace our inner Monica Geller all of the time, for others it's more of a chore. I definitely fit into the latter category, however since watching Mrs Hinch on Insta stories, I have found myself enjoying cleaning, buying more products and trying new tricks - All of which have resulted in a much cleaner, sparklier home.

My weekly shop now includes a long browse in the cleaning aisles plus a trip to the pound shop to see which recommendations are back in stock for me to fill my cupboards with. I've got myself a few different scents of Zoflora, plenty of Carpet Fresh 1001 - the product which makes cleaning fun(!), loads of cleaning cloths and all of the disinfectant sprays you can imagine.

To refresh my house and give it a thorough 'Hinching', I started with the living room and kitchen. The carpets are now fresher than ever, fluffy and clean, the sofa has had a transformation and my hob and plug holes have never been so clean. I'm also saving for a 'Vera' mop so that my floors can sparkle too!

My least favourite room to clean has always been the bathroom, luckily ours is small, so it's manageable, but let's face it, it's never fun! I have always perferred showers over baths and for as long as I can remember I have wanted either a rainforest shower or a walk in wet room. Cleaning one of those would have always felt like a big mission, but now I think I'd be quite exited to get it gleaming! I've been using the Hurricane Spin Scrubber which makes things so much quicker and means that I can reach all areas with ease and the Astonish and Detol sprays have made such a difference - Mrs Hinch really does know her stuff.

Inspired by all of the cleaning, I have also made a start on decluttering my wardrobe, which has been a long time coming. I've packed away all of my Summer clothes, which has made some much needed space, and have brought all of my knitewear and coats back out ready for Winter. To save space and make choosing an outfit much easier, I have rolled the clothes that I store in my drawers, which not only makes life easier but looks so aesthetically pleasing! The clothes in my wardrobe have all been ironed with my new cordless iron (what a godsend!) I have even given my airing cupboard a tidy, and have taken some ideas from Pinterest, such as storing all of my matching bedding inside one of the pillow cases.

I will become a domestic goddess... and if I can do it, anyone can!
Have you jumped onto the Mrs Hinch hype? Let me know which products I need to try next.

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