I have never really been the type to love nights out, despite enjoying getting ready and treating myself to a new dress its outweighed by the anxiety that comes with it. I much prefer a girls night in and I truly believe that it can be the best way to spend an evening, whether it's a regular thing that you and your girlfriends do, if it's a twice a year catch up or if it's an unplanned get together, you can always guarantee a good time filled with laughter, tears (usually happy ones!) and gossip.
In general, I'm quite a last minute person and planning a night in works well with that, because in truth, they don't need any planning... All you need is yourselves and a few little extras to make the night more fun and you don't even need to plan an outfit, pjs, no makeup and a topknot is the only effort needed! 

For the perfect girl's night in, beauty products are a must have. Especially face masks of any kind ( i favour a sheet mask or two) and nail varnish. It's the ideal way to get a free mani or pedi and you can paint each others nails while laughing at how ridiculous everyone looks with their masks on.

I don't think it would be a proper girly night in without a good takeaway and some nibbles. My personal preference is a Chinese followed by chocolate, but I wouldn't say no to pizza or an Indian either (still followed by chocolate of course)! Now and again it's good to have a healthy night in, and I've been to a few girl's nights where we all cook something to bring along which is really good fun, but you just can't beat a naughty takeaway can you?!

It' always good to have a few DVDs ready in case there's nothing on TV and if you're the host, this is usually your responsibility. Half of the time they won't get watched, but I love having a good box set playing in the background. Friends is always my DVD of choice, it's a guaranteed conversation starter, whether you end up discussing how jealous you are of Monica and Chandler's relationship or you just can't stop laughing at Ross' tan!

Although I'm not a big drinker, I think a little alcohol is often a nice addition for a night in especially if it's the weekend. If it's a regular Friday night catch up, me and my friends would just opt for a bottle of wine between us, or if we have got together for an occasion we might bring something to make up our own cocktails with or Gin gifts as gin is everyone's drink of choice right now.

Having a camera on hand is really important too... Me and my girls usually switch our phones off when we're spending time together, but an Instax always makes an appearance. That way we can capture some fun moments to savor without worrying anyone is going to upload any face mask selfies to their Instagram stories without you realising!

What is your idea of a perfect girls night in?
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