I have talked about my love for interiors on here plenty of times before and it's no secret that I long to have our dream home, decorated exactly how we've imagined, with all of the little extras and accessories needed to make it just perfect for us.

In reality, it's so hard. Achieving your perception of an idealistic home is a long term job and although it's hard to accept, we have found ways to tweak our home with simple accessories, the addition of colour into a room and by mixing a key or statement piece with other complimentary pieces of furniture or soft furnishings that you can often find for really affordable prices. 
When we first moved into our house, all of the rooms were painted cream/magnolia and had brown carpets... I remember around ten years ago, this was the ideal 'neutral' colour scheme for homes, but to me it felt so dated. We bought a few tins of paint and changed a few of the rooms; we painted the living room grey, the entrance hall dark blue and the upstairs rooms white, which instantly made them feel so much bigger and brighter. We also took up the carpet in the front room and painted the beautiful floorboards white and re-carpeted the bedrooms. I think shopping around for deals when it comes to carpets is the key to finding a bargain... As we bought three different carpets at the same time, we were able to get a really good deal.

I love prints and photographs around the house, which I change every month or so to give the room a fresh look. At the moment the main feature and talking point of my living room is our star map which we had printed from Greater Skies. The prints are customisable, ours is of the sky the night Elodie was born and we all love it so much. I have a gallery wall planned for this room too, which I'll be blogging about really soon, I can't wait to get the pictures up!
When it comes to the more extravagant purchases for the home, I like to really take my time considering what to spend my money on and make good investments. The sofa we have now (as much as I love it) was a bit of an impulse purchase - it's pink! When we do upgrade or replace it, I think we will go for something more classic. I have always wanted a Chesterfield sofa in a tan or brown leather, but for that I'd have to change my whole living room colour scheme. 

I have always said that if I won some money (a girl can dream!) that we would have a new kitchen fitted. I love the idea of either having a really modern design, or going for something more old fashioned with chunky wooden doors and worktops. I also love to have lots of plants in the kitchen and I always have my cookbooks and kitchen scales on display.

After an impromptu visit to a Newcastle fitted furniture company I am desperate to have some built in storage for our bedroom. I always say I don't have enough storage, but to have hidden drawers and built in wardrobes would be a dream. As a teenager I was really lucky to have a walk in wardrobe, and I think a little bit of me is still mourning the loss of that! It would also be amazing to have some built in space saving storage for my beauty products too.

Hopefully one day we will be able to tick all of these things off our wish list and make it a reality.
What would your dream home look like?
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