As a beauty blogger and beauty and makeup fan, I always find it difficult when people ask me what my favourite single product is... There are just too many amazing beauty products to choose from, some that I use every day, some I save for special occasions, and some that I have probably never tried before (although I'm sure they're on my wish list!) I do find it much easier to recommend brands though, and usually, I find myself talking to people about Charlotte Tilbury.
The brand itself, the woman behind it, the products, I just love everything about Charlotte Tilbury and find it so easy to talk about, whether it's to someone else who is just as much of a fan, or to someone who hasn't tried anything from the range. This post seems really fitting right now too, as yesterday Charlotte was given an MBE - AMAZING!!

The lipsticks as a whole are probably my favourite products that Charlotte has created, I really rate the Matte Revolution and KISSING ranges, both of which I definitely need to get more of. Picking an absolute favourite is hard, but I must say that every time I need a red lipstick, I reach for 'So Marilyn'. I know how hard it is to find the perfect red for you, but this is definitely mine... It's not only flattering on my skintone, but really comfortable to wear, long lasting and it doesn't end up allover my face on a night out. I know I'm safe with this lipstick and this A/W it's already easily my most worn lippie.

When it comes to skincare, I always enjoy a facemask and Charlotte's Goddess Skin Clay Mask is up there with one that I always repurchase. My skin really loves this mask, it feels luxurious, really relaxing and just works wonders for me. I can guarantee on a Friday night you'll find me snuggled on the sofa in my dressing gown, possibly with a takeaway or box of chocolates and most certainly, with this on my face. What I really love about it, is that the results are pretty much instant; my skin feels and looks softer and smoother after just one use and it's surprisingly gentle on the skin too - A real winner.

The newest addition to my CT collection is the Magic Away Concealer, a product that I feel I've been waiting all my life for. I've never really found 'the one' when it comes to concealers, and have always used the budget brands that get talked about as the best on the market... Well, this is better. The formula of this concealer is so creamy, so hydrating and sits on the skin in a perfectly flawless way. There's a large range of 16 shades available, so its easy to find one to match your skin tone, and the pigmentation is really high, meaning dark circles and blemishes are easily disguised. I'm also a fan of the sponge applicator with the tapered tip, it makes for such foolproof application. 

For a long time, I have wanted to try Charlotte's foundations, and her Magic Foundation was definitely worth the wait. It's a really unique base product as it's high coverage, but it doesn't feel it. It's light on the skin, my skin can breathe through the foundation, yet it covers blemishes, redness, uneven skin tone etc really easily as the product can be built up with a brush, sponge or the fingertips and it always looks so natural. On my driest of skin days, I do need to prep the skin really well before application, otherwise it can cling to dry areas a little, but it's otherwise perfect.

Last, but not least, another magical product from Charlotte, her Magic Cream just had to get a mention in my five favourites... I just love it so much! I use Magic Cream as my daytime moisturiser, underneath my makeup. It hydrates the skin beautifully, leaves me with a glowy finish to my skin and contains SPF, which is always a bonus. Whenever my skin isn't feeling it's best, this is like an instant refresh for my complexion. Upon application, my skin not only feels better but looks more radiant and healthy too. To adress the elephant in the room, yes it is an expensive product, but it's so rich and thick, you only need to use a small amount, meaning one pot will last a long time, in my opinion, its definitely worth the price tag... if you're still unsure, ask for a sample at your local beauty counter, the MUA's will be more than happy to let you try before you buy.

I just love having all of these beautiul products sitting on my dressing table, the packaging alone makes my heart flutter!

What are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products? Are you as obsessed as I am?!
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